problem with core 2 duo e6300

İhave just bougt a new system: Intel Core 2 duo E6300, Abit Ab9 Pro mother board, 6600 gt extreme, 1024 mb. hi level ram, 250 gb samsung sata hard disk.. but i cannot install windows to this system.. it is restarting when enters to windows setup.. can someone help me to solve this problem?? Thanx..
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  1. If you want help, you have to tell us the details about your system. Full hardware configuration, BIOS settings and OS version&build
  2. Can you be more specific please ?? Not about the specs , but on what how/when it is occuring. (ie other than the phrase "can't install windows")

    Are you installing windows from inside windows ?? Have you just upgraded your cpu/mobo while still using the existing/old installation of windows ??

    You know ... things like that. Provide as much "logical" info as you can.
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