K7VT6-C reboots and numerous other problems

Hi guys, I don't seem to be getting any response from Asrock, so I'm hoping someone could enlighten me and help me with my problems. Unfortunately, my old Asus A7N8X board died recently, and the only board I could find locally was this damned K7VT6 board to take my 2800+ XP processor.

Machine Spec:

Asrock K7VT6-C motherboard (Bios revision P1.10), KT600 Northbridge with VT8235CE Southbridge
Athlon 2800XP (Barton core)
Gigabyte ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
1Gb Ram (2 x unbranded 512Mb)
Primary IDE Chain: Maxtor 250Gb (system drive) and Maxtor 200GB,
Secondary IDE Chain: Maxtor 120GB and NEC 2510A DVD Writer
Codegen 400W PSU changed to a Atrix 500T 650W PSU
Sound: Was using an external Creative Extigy USB soundcard on old board, now using onboard CMI9761A codec.
Operating System: Windows XP SP2

Apologies in advance if this is a long post, here are the problems I've been having since installing this board:

1) PC Periodically reboots - This happens once a day (sometimes more), seems to co-incide with heavy harddrive access (e.g. starting World Of Warcraft). I've tried the "Flexibility option" in the bios which apparently allows a greater tolerance for memory. Swapping and removing different RAM strips doesnt seem to cure the issue.
2) USB / Sound issue - HDD access was causing heavy crackling sounds when using the external Creative Extigy. So I've had to switch to onboard sound (pooo!). Is this a known issue? Could it be chipset related rather than the motherboard itself?
3) "Machine Check: Regs" event viewer entries - I realise that this may not be problem in itself. It just that I've never noticed these particular entries in Event Viewer before. Is it a problem?

I've tried using the Via drivers provided with the motherboard and the latest Hyperions but these do not seem to eliminate the crackling sound or the rebooting issue. I'm now running the board using Windows SP2 IDE drivers which seems to reduce the amount of reboots, but doesn't eliminate it. Coinciding with the removal of the motherboard drivers to try to eliminate these issues has appeared to elminate another Event Manager warning:

4) "The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk2\D."
Is this pointing to a definate hard drive issue? Or could it be motherboard / driver related?

Now, most recently:

5) My NEC 2510A DVD writer shorts out the POST - This is an odd one. I tried using my old PSU again and there wasn't a problem with POSTing, however using the Atrix 500T PSU with the DVD writer plugged in (even if no hard drives are plugged in) the motherboard will not POST, I can hear the DVD writer making 4 clicks and then nothing. The fans come on, nothing else, no display, no beeps or anything. Its just odd that my old PSU works fine with it. I've tried a different CD drive, that works fine with the new PSU.

I'm trying to figure out if any or all of the problems are connected (e.g. drivers etc). But I'm a little stumped.

As you can expect, I'm a little wary of flashing my bios but if someone can confirm whether such problems may indeed be eliminated by updating the BIOS then I may be forced down that road. The latest version of BIOS available for this board appears to be P1.5

Any help you guys can provide will be much appreciated.

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  1. Try lowering the FSB to 133. This may lower your clockspeed but a good test for cracked dies. Processor with cracked dies usually exhibit this problem of constant reboot before they die eventually. Better yet, check it physically. :)
  2. I suppose its possible that the die is cracked. Its just odd that it only reboots once or maybe twice in a day.

    Also, Ive noticed that if you are accessing files from one of my hard drives, the pc will temporarily freeze for about 30 secs before the reboot occurs.

    As for the bad board, I'm begining to think this myself. too many seemingly random issues occuring.

    My supplier advised me to flash the board to see if this sorts it out. I suppose I'll try that first.
  3. I had the same problems with the same board.
    In the end, it was the board the one causing the problem. I'm still unsure of what was the exact cause, but i have all the same components in an A7N8X-E D now and so far i haven't had any problems.
    And i tested the board with other components, and it still freeze and reboot.
  4. Update:

    Flashed BIOS to latest version and thankfully PC still works lol.

    However, with regards to the DVD writer stopping the PC from posting:

    Unplugged all IDE's
    Only Gfx card, memory and CPU plugged in.

    Plugged the NEC 2510A DVD writer that I was having problems with into the Primary IDE chain and the pc boots! Move the cable from the Primary to the Secondary IDE chain, doesnt boot.

    Tried different graphics card (Geforce 2 Ultra which doesnt required additional power), and still same. Swapped round power connectors, still same.

    The only thing which can change whether the pc boots or not is whether the ND2510A is on the Primary IDE chain or not.

    How weird is that?

    Now, couple that with the errors I was getting in event viewer about the controller, and I'm starting to wonder if the IDE controller on this board is the cause of the DVD writer / posting problem, the errors in event manager and the occasional reboots. What do ya think?
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