A8R32-MVP deluxe data transfer problem and lockup

When i first installed my new mobo i had a UltraAta hd and an WD2000LS S-ata hd. All worked fine. I then replaced the UltraAta with a WD3200KS S-ata hd. the C drive is on the 2000 and it is the primary or first drive. My problem is that when i first started my system, i could not boot to a floppy. It started normally however,and i partitioned my new drive with partition magic. i then attempted to transfer data from my dvd burners and my system locks up. I have replaced the dvd cables, checked all cables and no luck. More puzzling i can burn a cd with nero and get no lockup until nero verifies the data. I cannot burn a dvd. I have the latest bios, and all drivers are up to date. any help would be appreciated.


Mobo:A8R32-MVP Deluxe
Athlon 64 dual 4400+
Radeon x1900
Liteon 1693S burner
Pioneer 115 dvd player
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  1. Check PSu and memory timings. make sure they are correct and the voltage isnt set too low.

    but first... and the easiest thing of all.... what version of Nero are you running.?

    IF your running any version of Nero 7 or onwards... then thats your problem...

    its well known that Nero 7 is very buggy... ie writes cd-rs but not DVD's. plus when writing audio cd's, the tracks skipp, but if you use a version of Nero before 7, ie any Nero 6 program, all should work fine :)

    give it a try.
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