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I have a 7900GT. I also have a problem. My computer starts up for a few seconds, does a boot check and shuts off. The different parts make noise in a pattern and stop at my video card. I know that sounds wierd but its the only way I can explain it. Once it gets to my video card its off. Ive tried changing the psu connector and dusting it off. If you can think of anything else to check thanks in advance. Its also plugged in.
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  1. How many watts is your power supply? What's the amperage of the 12v rail?

    Anyway, easiest to diagnose if you can use/borrow another card to see if it's the 7900GT or system related.
  2. I know my psu is 550w. I dont know how to check my 12v rail, nor do i know what it is. Last time this happened i fixed it by moving cord off of the vid card, now no cords are touching it.
  3. Any 550W should be fine for a 7900GT. Your PCI-e aux 12v ( 6 pin) power connector is plugged into the 7900GT right?
  4. no, so that might be a problem. Thanks if this works.
  5. Nice job, Paul 8)
  6. I plugged it in but its still not working. Im sure that will help now too, so i made some progress.
  7. Are you sure the card is correctly inserted into the PCIe slot? :?

    Has your motherboard got inboard video? You might want to try booting with that.
  8. Well thx, too bad it didn't solve the problem. :?
  9. Is it plugged directly into a 6 pin PCI-e power connector on the power supply, or is it plugged into the supplied adaptor that came with the 7900GT?

    If you are using the adaptor that has the 6 pin plug on one side and two 4 pin molex on the other, make sure to use both molex connectors not just one, and make sure they are plugged into regular molex feeds, not the ones marked "fan only"
  10. The picture that Pauldh posted, the plug for that plugs into the 7900gt on one side, then branches off into 2 more. Both of the branch offs connect to PSU connectors. Both have 3 spike things that plug in. That means they do the plugging into. The PSU connectors do the getting plugged. So thats 6 total spikes. If that helped at all, then good. I also noticed I didnt take the wrapper off the fan area. The thing is I beat FEAR and Prey on it before I got problems, and with the problems I made so far, i'm supprised it still starts up, well it used to, but it does technicly start. Just dosent go for to long.
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