Watercooling on a 7800gt

I've just orderd a watercooling set, and was wondering if the Zalman ZM-GWB2 gpu will work on my 7800gt card? or if I need anything additional for it to work.
Link: http://www.zalman.co.kr/
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  1. The mount fittings is for both ATI and Nvidia cards, so it should work.
  2. Thank you for the answer!

    I just wonderd becouse someone mentioned to me that where the power is connected on the gfxboard also needed cooling, but it is only the RAM and the gpu that needs the cooling right?

  3. The voltage regulator on the 7800GT doesn't need to be watercooled. That's one of those things that is purely an extravagance. While it would not be a bad thing, it is unnecessary as long as you have decent airflow in your tower. Cooling the ram is easy enough with the microheatsinks.

    While most cooling products that work with a 6800 series videocard will also work on a 7800 series videocard Zalman does not list the ZM-GWB2 as being compatible with any 7800 card. However, looking at an old 6800 and 7800 card (I have both here with me not being used) they do sport the same hole configuration around the GPU and my old NV6800 waterblock fits perfectly on my old 7800 card. That would lead me to believe that the waterblock you are talking about should work.
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