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So i recently bought a new hp pavillion g6 laptop and tried to run a certain game on it, it came up with the error "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc000007b). Click Ok to terminate the program." Hp said nothing was wrong with it and refused to give me a replacement. I realised after that I had a broken pixel and they allowed me to return it. I replaced it with a samsung RX520 with the same specs. I got the exact same error with it..... I then noticed that it was with more then one game. I tried doing what people have said like reapiring the registery, which I thought wouldn't work as they were both new laptops and then I updated Direct x and still nothing, this error really limits the games I can play and is really annonying as it is a brand new laptop. Any help here would be really nice?
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  1. Try the following steps first:
    1. do a full sweep with anti-virus software.
    2. remove and re-install any .net software
    3. if you have a nvidia audio device, remove that and use the latest drivers from the nvidia site.

    Post back what the results are.
  2. What games did you run exactly? Please list out
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