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Hello,i want to copy data from my flash disk to my computer but its telling me that the disk is right protected.How do i remove the right protected?so that i can be able to copy data.
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  1. What type brand flash drive do you have, and have you checked if there is a write protection switch on it ?
  2. I also found this, maybe it will work for you :

    The solution my friend is "DiskPart".

    Open a command prompt window (start –> run –> type in the run window cmd

    In the command prompt type "diskpart" Type "list volume" this will list all the drives on your computer and give them all volume numbers.

    Next you want diskpart to set focus on the write protected drive "select volume #" which ever volume is the disk in question.

    Now enter "attributes disk clear readonly" and then type "attributes volume clear readonly"

    Check the drive in question, you should now be able to access the disk with full permissions.

    Do keep in mind that if you do this most probably the drives will / need to be erased, so back it up if possible / needed prior to doing this.
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