Any Big Difference? P5N32-SLI SE Dlx vs P5W DH Dlx?

Any real big difference between the two boards? I am planing to over clock some but not to extreme. Also the only big difference I found about the 2 boards was theASUS Hyper Path 3 on the P5W DH Dlx any noticeble difference with memory performance without that feature?
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  1. The biggest difference between the two boards is
    8 phase power on the P5N32 sli se deluxe
    And this board is NVIDIA SLI
    The P5W DH Deluxe board is Ati Crossfire without the 8 phase power.
    Both boards are good overclockers and potentially stable.
    The P5n32 sli deluxe board of old was the original design and had many issues.
    The later should be very much different and I believe it was based on the Intel chipset but still Nforce 4
    From experience the Intel chipset was always the more stable overclocker.
    I see Asus has made this board with the former mishaps in mind.
    As for memory
    The P5W DH has some issue but is being addressed by Bios updates. (Set your Ram manually and raise voltages to recommended values on both boards.)
    Just don’t skimp on your ram selection
  2. Thanks! So would you say one is better than the other on average? as in memory performance on the 2 boards? wanted to find out if Hyper Path3 made any big difference in memory performance with identical ram on both boards
  3. Depends on if you like Ati or Nvidia
    They are both too new for any suggestion other than preference
    I like the SLI board with the heat pipes but prefer the overclocker.
    Check the Asus forums and read the posts on each to see if any issues are overwhelming
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