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Hi, im planing to build a new system soon(ill probably order parts in a day or 2) I was looking for a relatively cheap (sub $100 or so) gpu card, till so i wouldnt spend much , and then when the new dx10 cards come out i would get a nice one then. i was thinking about geting a ati radeon x1300 2006 edition aiw(since i like to wach tv on the pc, and im still using a radeon 7500 aiw), or is it beter to get a x1600, and a separate tv tuner?

btw does anyone know when the ATI Theater 650 is coming out?

Thx for all replies.
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  1. go with the x1600 and as far as i know the theatre 650 is already out
  2. Don't go with the X1600 series. NewEgg.com has the X850XT PCI-E for $90 I believe. Will be plenty fast until DX10 cards come out.
  3. do You know maby where can i find it? (the theatre 650?) i searched online and i could not find it anywhere so far.

    thx for the replies, btw is the 1600 much beter than the 1300? im not shoor but i think they differ a bit in pipelines (not shoor thou) will have to research a bit more.
  4. btw does the theatre 650 alow me to wach cable tv channels? like the scifi channel and such ? i heard that some channels are not available (i know the " cable box" has to be installed to view all the channels but i was wondering what channels would i be able to view?
  5. i looked up the RADEON X850 XT PLATINUM EDITION PCI EXPRESS on atis site it loos nice compared to the 1300 and the 1600 it outpreforms (clockwise and memory wise ) them and it sais that it used rrd3 the 1600 and 1300 use ddr2, so i gues thats beter, btw does the x850xt have suport for sm3?
  6. No, but it performs so much faster that it's not worth getting the X1600 just because it has SM3.0, as it will be much slower.
  7. would i be able to play fear on it atleast in minimum/or mid quality video setinds?, and battlefield 2? in what games the sm 3 is a must? (that is they wont play at all without it? I heard that even crysis will run (supposebly) on a x800 card, but im not shoor of it, i was thinking of geting a relatively cheap card that would alow me to wait till the dx10 cards are released and their price will go down a bit to resonable prices, lets say about 400 for a good card that would be faster (atleast) than the 1900xt, so i gues i would buy the gpu card maby next summer or so(maby winter time next year)

    so far i checked that the the x850 has faster clocks than the 1800xl so thats nice
  8. btw where have u seen that card? i cant find it at all on newegg
  9. thx will check it out, i alwasy prefared to stay with ati "original" gpu cards, but i gues this one has enought good reviews to convince me :wink: , thx for the information, i would have gone with the 1600 series, lol just because i thought they are "new(er)" so they should have been beter, but i gues its not that way in this case.
  10. 100$ for the 850 damn i think ill buy one
  11. I was first lol :wink:
  12. dammit man :cry:
  13. lol :wink: i just need something that would keep me till the dx10's come out and will get a litle bit cheaper, honestly i wanted to get a ati card not a sapphire/ati one, but i gues it wont make much of a difference, althou i read reviews that there are some issues with the drivers with that card, that the omega drivers work the best.
  14. the 850 was something like 300$ or more a year ago
    it is a damn good card for around 100$ i think i will buy one
    i plan to build a cheaper comp for the kids.
    something like single pci-e with socket 939 and a low end cpu
    and the x850.

    my early post to you for the x1600 was for the avivo
    as you said you wanted to watch tv through the card

    vivo is something i think i would have use for
    i currently have 68gts in sli and the biggest diff i have seen
    sofar is the extra f.p.s. no wait thats not it
    heat yeah thats it lol.
  15. I'm using a all in wonder ati radeon 7500 right now (extreme oldie), i was thinking of geting a "all in wonder" card, but looking at the rate at which the technlolgy moves nowedays and the fact that all aiw cards have lower clocks i think it might be beter to invest in a separate tv tuner and a good gpu card later on, and for now i got convinced to get the cheapest(yet resonably good) card which i would use for that year or so(or less) till the dx10 cards come out and get a bit cheaper, becaues i doubt that i could wait that year with the radeon 7500 all in wonder till the dx10 cards will come out. i know that avivo is good but i wanted to spend as little as posible now on the gpu considering im planing to get a core 2 duo e6600, 2 gigs of ddr2 ram, and the asus p5w dh deluxe mobo, and win xp(the new install version), so total comes to about 1200 or so, so when the dx10 cards roll out i planed to spend no more than that $400 or so on a card.

    btw will i be able to play battelfield 2142 , and battelfield 2, battle for middle earth 2, and fear on the x850xt? that is with atleast medium to high graphics? my monitor max resolution is 1280x1024, so cant go past that :wink:

  16. gamespot has a article with bf 2142. the guys from ea
    say that bf2142 will use the same engine thatbf2 uses
    so the 850 should work fine even on fear

    i have played fear bf2 and oblivion and all the others
    on my 68gt and on my brothers x800xl sys.

    no diff. they play the same he has the 3500 clawhammer and i have the 3700 sandy.
    only the cards are diff .
  17. forgot to mention that i had my sys oced
    3700 from 2.2 stock to 2630mhz
    68gt from 350and 1000 to 430 and 1.5
    my brother doesnt overclock

    now on benchmarks i got better scors but that dont matter
    as far as gameplay we did not see any diff
  18. thx for the info then i think i will stay with my choice of geting the x850xt, it was out of stock at newegg, but maby tomorow they might have it back in stock, the only think i might worry about is wheather teh asus p5 w dh deluxe will support multi core cpu's (that is more than the dual cores) if not i might postpone my build, or not, I heard intel is planing to release a new arhitecture in about 2 years or so, and i prefare to stay with the same hardware for that 4 or 5 years as i did with my previous system, i will just replace the x850xt in that year or so , or not if ill like its performance, now im just looking for the ati's theatre 650 which i cant find anywhere :cry: , and i wanted to have a new build that i could use for wach ing tv, i gues i got used to it too much :wink: , that now the lack of it is a bit bothersom, who would have thought lol
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