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So I just built a HTPC with a X2 3800+ AM2 65W. I wanted something that would cool better then the stock Aluminum cooler. I bought a Thermaltake Silent Boost RX K8 after reading good reviews but it doesn't fit in my Ultra Microfly microATX case. I'm not really planning on OC'ing so I was thinking mabye the Thermaltake Silent 939 K8. Do you have any other suggestions, thanks.
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  1. I am also looking for something quieter then the stock cooler. I wish my cpu came with the heat pipe stock cooler instead of the Al cooler.
  2. hmm thats hard, would you be up to exterior cooling?? if you are, I think thats the way to go here because it wouldnt use much space, you could even cool the chipset and its silent.
    Look at this Kingwin kit, only the blocks and tubes go inside when youre using it externally, its cheap and it may not produce frezzzing cool cooling but its cool enough if youre not overclocking much lol
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