DVD Burn forceing power down

Hello - I'm new here and hoping that someone can help me out.

I've just built a new system, and almost everything is up and running. The only hold out is my DVD burner, a Lite-On DVDRW SHM-165H6S. Here is the problem:

Whenever I go to burn a CD or DVD, the system will mysteriously turn itself off. Other than this, the drive works fine. BIOS and Windows recognize it, and I can play CDs or other discs on it. However, about 5 seconds into the burning process, the computer turns off. As a side note, once I restart, if I go to the CD I was burning, I have about 20 seconds of music, and then it goes silent.

This error has occured in both Nero Express (the latest Update for version 6) and the latest iTunes.

So far I have tried:

Setting Windows to not power down on an error.
Installing System ASPI Drivers
Searching for new drivers for the DVD burner. However, Lite-On didn't seem to offer any driver updates.

I've been searching some other forums, but they have not helped. Many seem to suggest that a weak power supply is to blame, but I don't think that is the case with me (system specs below). Also, I don't think my CPU or system is getting too hot (and thus forcing a restart). I've been monitoring it until the crash and it hangs out in the 20 C range. Also, I've been running Oblivion for hours at a time on the highest graphics settings and had no problem.

Any ideas? I'm hoping this is a software/driver thing, but I'm not sure since the drive does read fine. One last note - I have my regular DVD reader drive on Master and the burner on Slave.

System specs -
AMD 4200 X2 Dual Core (AM2)
MSI K9N Platinum 570 motherboard
eVGA GeForce 7900 GT KO
SONY DVD-ROM DDU1615 (MASTER, reader only)
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  1. I supposed Reader and Writer are attached in the same IDE cable.
    Try to put the Writer as Master.

    If you have another IDE cable (that would be better) try to put those peripherals on each IDE cable and set them as Master.

    Do you have some softwares running in background, such as Antivirus or firewall ? try to disable them while you burn a CD.

    Defrag your HDD.

    Check the files that you try to burn. Are they in a good state ?
  2. You set up master/slave exactly the opposite it should be: always set the DVD writer as master and the reader as slave.
    It could be the source of your problem.
  3. In reply to the last two posts -

    I only have room on my motherboard for one IDE hookup. Therefore they have to be on the same cable.

    I have now reset the burner as master and the reader as slave but I am getting the same problem.

    Anymore ideas?
  4. Do this in order:
    1. Make sure you are using the latest drivers for the mobo, especially the IDE/SATA controller ones and update the burner firmware to the latest version available on the manufacturer site.

    2. Check the 12V and 5V voltages while the burner is running, possibly with a multimeter, not with monitoring softwares which are very inaccurate: they must be within +/- 5% (11.4-12.6 and 4.75-5.25).

    3. Try to defragment the HD were the source files or the ISO/UDF images are.

    4. If it still doesn't work do a test on your RAM with memtest86 and prime95: DVD burning software uses a lot of RAM for cacheing, you should have problems also with other software, but a check will not hurt :-)
  5. Was having the same problem as you...turned out it was bad RAM. It would only happen during the burn portion of Nero. I could analyze, encode, re-code, etc, etc, the minute a burn started anywhere from the 30% to 60% mark the whole comp would power off.

    I moved the RAM out, put in 2 sticks from another computer and boom...problem went away.

    Ran Memtest on the RAM and both failed miserably. Had to RMA back to Newegg.
  6. hi all
    i have almost the same problem on a HP m7470n,i can burn and rip music(its a light scribe but im using generic dvd-r) but every time i try to burn a dvd within like 2 min the whole pc shuts down and i actuall have to un plug it to get it to re boot and i was told the same thing that it could be power related But This is a new pc just opened last week.
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