Are there any better TV Card ?


I am going to buy a Winfast TV2000 XP Expert , because I thing this is the best thing that i could find in the low-end TV/Video Card.

here is two reveiw of it :

unfortunately the ATI Theater 550 TV Card didn't find in my country , So ... Are there any better choice ? what is your offers ?
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  1. Hi

    Thank you , I bought a Compro VideoMate Gold Plus II , this is better that TV2000 Expert.
  2. I personally have the Winfast 2000 Xpert. its good and comes with good software. but does any one know the max resolution of this csrd. mine only maxes out at 720*480. when everyone is saying it is 800*600
  3. Hi

    720*480 is the largest resolution that you can Capture with any Software and some Hardware Capture Video Card , 720*480 is the standard Size of DVD Video and I think it is good and there are no need to more resolution .
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