Best Raid Controller for my MB

I'm looking for a RAID Controller Card for (4) Raptor 150's. I have seen the Areca ARC-1210 PCI-Express and really would like them for my set-up.

The onboard Raid set-up gets me about 146MB/s average sustained with HDtach. You can see my MB in my profile. I can still RMA this mainboard if I have to. This board is basically my hold-over board until some better/mature ones get released.

I have seen with the ARC-1220 they we're getting upwards 300MB/s. I'm looking for this kind of performance. I imagine the 1210 would perform similar to the benchmarks I've seen in Raid0.

So, looking for suggestions that can get me close too 300MB/s that will work with my current mainboard. Anything from cheaper models to changing out my mainboard is welcome.

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  1. The SuperTrak EX8350 from promise is a card my brother uses in his rig. He likes and almost achieves 300mb rates, I think he gets around 260 due to bottlenecks in his system. But Promise seems more reputable than Areca does.
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