Checking new computer on airplane safe?

Ok so i am building my new system tomorrow and then flying back to school that same night. I am a bit un nerved about checking the computer as I am not sure how much damage it will sustain. The main problem (i think) is the Zalman 9500 heatsink. Is this thing gonna be to heavy and crack the MB if droped wrong? (like too much pressure for the MB to hold it on if dropped?)
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  1. I would strongly recommend shipping the parts via FedEx and assembling it at school (or at least shipping the drives separately so they can be padded, and shipping the Zalman, RAM, and plug-in boards uninstalled to protect them and the MB).
    Checking an assembled computer has a number of problems:
    1) As you worried, damage from rough handling
    2) Theft
    3) Very limited insurance coverage
  2. haha I would definately NOT reccomend doing this, the Airport security will want to check it out. That means cracking the lid open and poking about at all your components while theyre probably not grounded so static is a risk.

    Plus have you seen the way baggage handlers handle luggage? Game over for a computer no matter how good you pad it the shock impact it highly likely to damage it.

    As someone mentioned pad it all nice individually and get fedex to get it over. Might cost more but it will be safe.
  3. Not true, you just need to get the right equipment. My father is the training manager for GE's water process division. He flies out each week with probably 300lbs of computer equipment including a 20inch touch LCD.
    All you need to do is spend money on protecting the equipment you are transporting. Buy a nice hard shell polymer case, like pelican cases or Bauer cases. The ones we have are 1/4" thick ABS plastic coated with something along the lines of "Rhino Liner" (yeah the stuff you put on a pickup bed) and they have 4inchs of foam around the actual item.
    Its no different then shipping a huge Ampeg SVT tube head, you just need to through it in a shock mounted case. They do make them, they are expensive but they're worth it

    So either ship the stuff to your dorm, or spend a ton of money on protecting the stuff you couldn't wait 24hours to build.
  4. and they also cost hundreds of dollars, and he is on a school trip I think?

    Are you outside your home country? From past experience I would NEVER buy parts from the US again because if the go faulty your kind of stuck and have to deal with the manufacturer who will often tell you to turn back to the supplier.
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