Recommend me a tower case w/ good quality and airflow

Can y'all recommend a good quality tower case that'll also provide a good airflow? I am looking forward to build my first rig with a conroe processor.

My budget is 200-300$.

Thanks y'all.
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  1. COOLER MASTER CM Stacker STC-T01 ($159)
    More room than you know what to do with. Fans in front, back, to the side and at the top for excellent airflow.

    Here's what I have in mine (and I have plenty of room left):

    Presler 955 3.46
    Abit AW8D
    2GB DDR2 800
    XFX 7900 GTX Extreme
    2 Raptors HDDs
    320 WD Sata HDD
    Creative XFI Fatality (with drive bay unit)
    (4) 40mm fans (modded Abit Voltage regulator heatsinks)
    (2) DVD R/RW Drives
    56-1 card reader
    floppy drive
    Dual cold cathode light
    (assorted USB devices)
    SilverstoneE SST-ST75ZF 750 PSU

    Watercooling System
    1/2 ID inch tygon tubing (11/16 OD R3603)
    Swiftech MCP655 Pump
    Danger Den Koolsah GPU Waterblock
    Voltage Regulator waterblock for 7900 GTX
    Maze 4 Northbridge Waterblock
    Custom Drivebay Reservoir
    Swiftech Peltier 226watt waterblock
    Bay drive voltage adjuster for CPU Peltier Waterblock
    (2) dual 120mm rads (mounted externally) - each has 4 120mm fans in a "push-pull" configuration
    Meanwell 600 SE12 Secondary PSU (for peltier)
  2. I have both a Gigabyte 3d Aurora which is very spacious and 3 x 120mm fans

    and a Thermalrock Eclipse bot quite as spacious but not far short

    Both are good looking quality alloy cases with good airflow
  3. I agree. I have the Gigabyte 3D Auroa and love it. Big quiet fans, plenty of space, water cooling ready. I have a Gigabyte 7600GT SilentPipe II video card and my PC is virtually silent. Great cooling from this case.
  4. While I may favor my Cooler Master Stacker for the room. I've got to say that the Gigabyte case is very nice.
  5. TT Tai Chi is nice...

    NZXT Lexa has pretty solid airflow too
  6. Nothing like the cool look of Thermaltake Armor. Lots and Lots of space and airflow!
  7. TT Mozart TX

    Actually, its probably out of your price range, but its a pretty interesting case...
  8. I just built my PC using the Antec P180.

    It's a heavy duty case that's insulated well (in terms of sound), and has great airflow (up to 5 120mm fans).

    If you go the Antec route, just check to make sure the PSU cables are long enough. The PSU is mounted at the bottom of the case, so some cables on some PSU's may not reach.
  9. the Mozart Tx would be in his price range, $266, but its useless to him, its a media center Pc.

    very good build quality, very good cooling.
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