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Ok.. This has got me stumped.

I've been posting moderately in two sections tonight. Other & Linux. In Linux my post count presently shows as 1512 now in the other if I load a page I have just posted in and hit refresh I get a shown post count of 1501.

I thought I was going mad. If I click my details by my avatar in Other I get 1501 and in Linux 1512. My post per day is also different. What is really strange is that if I hit refresh having posted in another section I can see my count increment by one in the other section but there is still a difference between the two totals shown.

Any ideas folks or is it time to PM fredi?
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  1. I’ve noticed a discrepancy as well, though not as large as yours. I have a variance of one post between sections. Hardware, CE, and Community puts me at 1055. Network, Mobile, Games, and Software puts me at 1056.

    There, now I’ve done some leg-work. Maybe fredi will recognize a pattern.

    It might have something to do with deleted/moved threads. :?:
  2. Yeah.. but that should show in all sections when the posts are deleted. I could see a few going from the daft ones in the test section but I've seen that before and there was a drop everywhere.

    I think this started around the time of the site update. I tend to notice it late at night and put it down to tiredness or me not refreshing pages (i am a tab browsing convert).

    Mind you.. it might explain why I get more respect in linux than in the other :?

    EDIT: This is showing me as 1506 in this thread... WTH?? 1517 in Linux...
  3. Welcome to the wacky world of the New Forumz..... That's when it started & has never been fixed..... From day one this bug was there..... You can give Fredi a bump, but it's been this way for 14 months now..... [shrug]

    It took you this long to catch on...... Oh, you haven't been here 14 months yet..... [double shrug]
  4. To be honest I stopped keeping much of an eye on it once I cracked 1k and people stopped calling me a noob. Couple that with the state I am in most of the time I'm at the PC and it did take me a while. I normally post just in the other with the odd post elsewhere but I had a Linux post flurry yesterday and even I can see a 20 post difference.

    As my current count in this thread is still (despite a couple of posts this evening) showing lower than it did in the Linux threads last night I have to say this is a pants counter system. I thought my count was increasing more slowly than it had previously.

    @Fredi -- Fix it and I'll gimp up some fake nude Cheeze ball pics :P
  5. Quote:
    You can give Fredi a bump, but it's been this way for 14 months now..... [shrug]

    I think AV is trying to give him a "bump". :?

    Does he need any help? Don't know what language he's using, but I know a few, and can read several more. Not to sound condescending, I'd just love to put volunteer programming on my resume...
  6. Man, I don't have anything to do with any of that.....
  7. Should I PM him then?
  8. Have at it Man...... Watch your out box to see when it goes....... :wink:
  9. :lol: True that. I had a thread transfer request that ended up going to him. Took a week. :wink:

    Do all of the mods do this on their free time?
  10. Well, all my time is free, so yea, I do it on my free time.......
  11. Quote:
    Well, all my time is free, so yea, I do it on my free time.......

    wow what a great saying, lol.
  12. This problem is now fixed. Simply create a new post, and things should sync up nicely.

  13. Well, it worked...once I posted in Games. Guess you have to post in Network, Mobile, Games, or Software to get it synced.

    Thanks, Steve.
  14. No problem VBDude. Actually, now you just post anywhere and it should sync fine.

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