Does such a device exist? The utility of a kit that would simply allow one to connect and switch amongst various optical or coax S/PDIF connected gear would be amazing, IMO, yet I don't see anything in my Google search for such a blessing.
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  1. I coulden't find anything.. I don't think that's even possible considering the way optical works and all :roll:
  2. A Preamp or Reciever can do what you ask... Not 100% sure about auto switching for it depends on the brand/model.
  3. Yeah, I know a receiver or pre-amp would do this, but was looking for just an S/PDIF hub by itself (w/o receiver/pre-amp). I guess there's no market for such a thing.
  4. At some point Halcyon, you may have to start buying real hardware instead of tiny specialty products...the way you are going, you are spending a lot more money than you have to by focusing on very specific needs, and at the end your gonna have a store shed with a lot of redundant "stuff" that you won't use later on. =P
  5. You're so right. I know I need to chill out with the gadgets. This so called "hobby" has eaten up some considerable money when I add it all up. If I had a wife she'd have imploded by now.
  6. lol. things like this make me glad that my dad is in the home audio/video buisness. discounted and ocasional freebies are great.

    investing in a good reciever is never a bad decesion.

    if you get a good one (id recommend one with hdmi outputs for futureproofin) then you can use that for now and later on you could always use it for home theater or something.

    i can hook up 5 digital connections into my receiver. (3 opt 2 coax) saldy i have no hdmi. hdmi is really where everything is headed. audio and video over one small cable is awesome. 5 cables in one thin one

    my house's modo is "there is a home for every tv (we have like 7) stereo reciever (have 4) and speaker (couldnt ever count) and no my family isnt rich, its just comes with the business lol.
  7. I had a Denon AVR-3805, which I thought was pretty good, it had a lot of connectivity, yet I felt like I wasn't really using much so I sold it to a friend that wanted to get into home theater. I kind of wish I'd not sold it because I know I'll want another descent receiver before too long. ...but my little Sony sounds "okay". The AVR-3806 has HDMI I/O. ...and now I've a LCD TV and DVD player that have HDMI.

    Still, there's some B&K stereo seperates that I've really wanting. ...with what I've invested in headphones and headphone amps I could have purchased the B&K gear or the AVR-3806, but I'm having fun and learning so I've no complaints.
  8. Im in the same boat as you... I just purchased a Pinoeer 815 K model reciever. No HDMI seeing how I will more than likely never have a DVD player. I will just have an HTPC and a projector setup. I am too learning a lot about HT and how it works.

    Witch Sony do you have? The new XR series has a lot of hype and seems to live up to it according to reviews.
  9. STR-DE897. I know, its not great, but it was a big upgrade to the one that came with my Sony "Home-Theatre-in-a-box". ...then I upgraded it to the 3805 last year, which I ended up giving away for $800 (good friend that I am :D ). The Sony still has some right-to-life left in it, so the next money goes into 2-channel seperates or a nicer LCD TV. Especially, now that my occasional home-theatre use is covered between the Sony/Polk/Velodyne and the Z-5500s (which aren't nearly as bad as I anticipated, they're actually okay for personal HT). Astrallite was right though, I've got way more junk than I need, which is gonna suck when I move next month and have to pack and move it all. I don't let mover's even look at the electronics, let alone, touch them.

    Back to topic, if they made an S/PDIF Hub, I could plug in my minidisc decks, spare DVD, and a PC into the Z-5500s and keep the living room a little cleaner looking. I guess the market for that just isn't there.
  10. Lol nice... Seems like you have deaper pockets than me... How is that Velodyne (model?) working out for you? I was quite interested in their subs...
  11. LOL, I'm just about spent out, I went through my "toy" money and then some this summer. If I ever get married my toys will end, I just know it. ...Velodyne CT-150. I really like it, but rarely get to experience it as properly prescribed. The Z-5500's subwoofer is rediculous, yes, but the CT-150 is a different mutant altogether. It makes me think of 3 of my favorites words: sub bass radiation. However, you really need a single-family home to enjoy it. ...not a condo, like I'm in. I gave my neighbors my phone number if things ever got out of hand (wanting to be the good-neighbor, responsible type). They don't hesitate to call me and I don't even use it after 8PM. Its a d@mn shame. They also seem to make sure that I'm never irritated with their stereos or parties though, they'll not miss the Velo when I move.
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