In a real bind... which one do I choose?

Hey guys -

I'm currently in a bit of a pickle on which video card to buy and I dont want to spend more money than I need to. I only play EQ (not EQ2), and just want to experience it at greater than 1 fps during online raids w/ guildies and heavily populated zones lol (im serious my current set up is THAT bad ><).

So my newest (and first build) will consist of the following-

Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe Wireless Edition NVIDIA Socket AM2
AMD Athlon 3800+ (going cheap on this till the FX's come down a bit, or the AM3 chip is available)
1 GHZ Extreme Corsair DDR2 Ram
x2 WD 250 HD in Raid 0 stripe
1 250 GB HD (just for data)

I'm looking at the XFX GeForce 6800 Xtreme / 256MB GDDR3 / SLI / PCI Express, but dont know if it would do the trick - I hear that EQ is a game that depends mostly on processor speed, and not so much the video card (except for shadows, etc).

I am CONSIDERING the BFG 7900 GTX OC, but would really like to forgo spending $500 if I can get the result i'm looking for with a cheaper card (I don't know how tech-advanced EQ's engine is, or what the potential for visuals is, because ive never seen it played other than on my current POS system, so don't know how good it can really get).

I know very little in this area, as it is only my first build. Any advice or knowledge some of you "old hands" out there would share would be very helpfull and greatly appreciated!

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  1. Wow you range from a 6800XT all the way to a 7900GTX. That's quite a bit of room for error.

    Like Mr. Busey said, forget about the 6800XT as there are better cards for the money. I would think that a 7900GTX is quite a bit of overkill for EQ. Any of the cards Mr. Busey listed would suffice but I was going to plug one more on the high end.

    The X1800XT. Again it is a bit of overkill for EQ but that's a very good deal on a card that can handle just about any game out today should you decide to play something else.
  2. Yeah, I wasn't sure if he actually wanted a high end card or not, so I just went the budget route.

    You should give us an idea of your budget.
  3. Awesome input guys, I totally appreciate it... but one question, and this is where my total "newbness" shows -

    Wouldnt I want an nvidia gpu because of the mother board I have?

    lol I know you wouldnt have recommended it if it wasn't a great solution, but i guess im trying to learn what I can where i can =)

    I had considered the 1900xt as well, but looking at the reviews im to understand that its power is more software base, as opposed to nvidia's hardware base, and the noise is a bit more than the nvidia - trying to avoid the reported "hair dryer" effect (is this report accurate?).

    Then again guys, I have 0 real experience and am only going off of reviews/opinions from others. I did warn that I am a total newb at this =p

    As far as budget goes, id pay the $475 if i had to, and just wait a bit to get better, but anything shy of that wopuld be better for the wallet - say around $2-300 or around there.

    Thnx again!
  4. No that will not make a difference.

    Check to make sure your power supply will be able to handle the graphics card you choose. Other than that, you should be good to go.
  5. Quote:
    I don't know how tech-advanced EQ's engine is, or what the potential for visuals is, because ive never seen it played other than on my current POS system, so don't know how good it can really get

    Chances are EQ has a rather small potential for good visuals. It is an old game which was designed to run on old hardware which by today's standards is rather limited. Still:

    - You WILL get better visuals simply because you will be able to use high Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering settings at very high resolutions (I mean res over 1600x1200). The downside is that text will be tiny and fuzzy - hard to read) unless there is an option/mod to increace font size at high resolutions. Bottom line is that games with older and less refined graphics look oh-so-much-better at very high resolutions.

    - Your slowdowns in large guild raids ARE mostly due to your poor video card. You will get immesurably smoother performance with a $500 card.

    - If you are really prepared to spend "$485.00" then go for the best there is. X1900XT and X1900XTX are the best cards at the moment.

    - If you intend to continue to play nothing but EQ for years to come just about any modern card will do (just read the sticky at the top of the page for cards to avoid). But if money is no object for you and if you think you are likely to play other (next generation) games, why not build a top of the line machine in a few months when new hardware comes out?
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