get E6300 or wait for ati cards.

Alright peepz, heres the situation and the boat i am stuck on right now.... -.-

I'm planning to upgrade this summer, probably this wednesday or maybe even later. I've been informed that ATI's x1950 series are just aroudn the corner in late august 23-27. I might want to pick up a x1900xt 256mb with gddr4 mem. But im unsure of the fix price in canadian dollars.

In a sense as well, i am also planning to upgrade my cpu, since im using a atlhon 3500+ venice core (s939), MSI K8N neo-f s939 mobo, 2x512mb dual channel ocz ram and a x800xl from powercolour. There are 2 options for me here, please give me ur suggestions. I could also be going for just a regular x1900xt, since the prices drop by a 100$ here in canada, i bet everyelse where 2.

My core 2 duo upgrade. - Budget 600$ max.

E6300 - 244.99$ CAD

Abit AB9 PRO mobo - 189.99$ CAD < any other suggestions? p5b probably?

dual channel of corsair ram probably running at 800mhz?? Not 2 sure on here either, 100-150$

Heres my video card upgrade for the summer.

X1900XT Sapphire 512mb 364.99$ CAD

Artic cooling accerlero x2 50.99$ CAD

OCZ MODstream 520 watt 90$ CAD

now if iwere to wait for the x1900xt 256, probably same price range, sineci heard the price mark its going to be the same like the 79gt.
I could lower the price point to a x1900gt (244.99$ CAD) and save some money by lowering the PSU to a modstream 450watt (50$ CAD) and get myself a new case, thermaltakes ARMOR JR. I'm using a centurion 5 from cooler master now. Also if i were to upgrade my vid card, i would also need a new northbridge fan, since mines extremely loud.

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  1. Cpuwise .. A64 3500+ and above should be fine for even the toughest games. Not yet time for a cpu upgrade I don't think. Unless you want to use the "fires of the new revolution" as an excuse to upgrade. I guess its up to you.

    Next-gen games would have to though ....

    And yes , its just around the corner. Just wait a bit or you will have buyers remorse. Not fun.
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