Inexpensive Power Supply to Drive Conroe Build

I am putting together a gaming conroe build with e6400 and eVGA 7900GT, 2 GIGS of OCZ Platinum (DDR2-800) - 320gb SATA II perpindicular recording HD. Can anybody recommend a reliable, decent powersupply that can drive these components for preferably under $75. Any current deals with rebates? Would anybody recommend this PSU?
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  1. Good question, I'm going to put together a similar system in the next few months. I was looking around on for some recommended PSU specs for the Core 2 Duo series but didn't find anything.

    What is the min. they recommend these days? 350W? 450W?
  2. cant go wrong with an antec truepower 2.0 480watt or 550watt version ... if its costs alittle extra where ever you live i suggest spending the extra 20 bucks for a good PSU, why trust a 1200 dollar computer with a crap PSU?
  3. Go with the Antec SPII 500w for $70

    Or the Enermax 460w for $75

    The Enermax has PFC which is why it costs a little more.
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