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hi, i'm looking for the best 8cm cdrw mp3 player and price is very imortant.
so far i've looked at the napa one and the teac one. both look pretty much the same. then theres that compaq one tom reviewed a while back. i'll have to read up on that one again. anyway, thx in advance for any help, i'd be happy to hear your personal experiences with particular products and any suggestions or reccomendations you may give.
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  1. I bought the Napa version (there are many others based on the same design). Pretty slick, battery life isn't great, it comes with rechargable batteries when hooked to the power suppy does a trickle charge over about 8 hours. I use it for work and it only lasts about 3 hours. I dunno if buying a good set of recharges and a charger would fair any better. Other than that, it's the best portable music player I've ever owned. The volume doesn't crank, but with a decent set of $30 headphone you can't hear anything around you anyways. It's just right. The remote is toyish, but I've yet to damage it, and I have put it through use. Carry it in the back pocket all the time. For $90 including shipping, it would be very hard to find a better deal. That's my 2 cents. I'd rate it at 8 out of 10.

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  2. where did you find it for that price? i looked around and best i saw was 120.
  3. Sorry,

    Been on vacation, Pricewatch lists a few places at $79, I can't remember where I bought mine, and I didn't keep the receipt.

    Here is a sample

    <html> video&cat=mp3player&action=show&id=380_mp3player

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  4. That is a pretty cool looking player. I like the remote.

    I bought a rio volt 90 12cm and it doesn't look nearly as cool but it will play wma files if that means anything to you. It does not have a remote and the bios is not upgradeable and it is 12cm. I have been told to get one that allows bios upgrades but that would have been twice as expensive. I have not played with mine long enough to know how long the batts last. I tested it breifly and it worked to my satifaction. Then I realized that I will never need to use it cause almost anywhere I go has a computer, plus I nearly always have my laptop with me.

    What I really needed was software and of course you can find that free on the net.

    Lasly make it click: <A HREF=" video&cat=mp3player&action=show&id=380_mp3player" target="_new"> video&cat=mp3player&action=show&id=380_mp3player</A>

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  5. yeah i forgot how to make it clickable, just guessing, guessed wrong. lol.

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  6. I bought the Freecom Beatman here in UK, costs today around 80 pounds, and sound quality is excellent.
    HOWEVER, although it claims to have some skip-resistance, it really doesnt work very well at all if it's in your pocket when you're walking, skipping about every 10 seconds.

    My advice to anyone buying a CD - based MP3 player, check that it will actually work properly before you look at the price or even the sound quality.

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  7. I've had no problems with skipping with my NAPA. Advertises 480 seconds of skip protection, and I believe it. Never once had a skip. And I use this in my back pocket at work every night for around 4 hours.

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