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Vista 64 OEM - > Win 7 Upgrade?

Is there a way to perform an Upgrade install (Insert comment about not doing upgrade installs here) from an OEM version of Vista 64, or would I have to do (another) clean OS install when Win7 comes out?
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    Seeing as you can upgrade now - (I imaged from Vista 64 then upgraded the image to 7) - I don't see why you shouldn't be able to do that when the OS goes GA.
  2. I was wondering if the OEM install would cause any issues...
  3. it's from what I know never been an issue in the past.

    I've upgraded nt 4.0(OEM) -> win2k(retail)

    XP HOME(OEM) -> XP PRO (retail)

    and XP HOME(OEM) -> Vista Home Premium(retail)

    Never tried to upgrading from Vista(OEM) to anything but considering the past it's not likely it will be an issue for you. However I always strongly encourage everyone to do a clean install (Vista upgrade discs can be used to install the OS even without a previous installation all you need is the serial of the previous OS)
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