Please help me to choose a video card. :?

I bought a GIGABYTE 7900GTX last week. The first hour it was running great. But when I play Farcry, the water in the game is not so clear. After half hour, my computer was crashed. When I restart it again, there were lines allover my screen. Then I used to safty mode uninstall the driver, and back to normal windows installed newest driver. 1 day later, that kind of line were back again. This time I couldn't fixed it ever. So I brought it back to the shop. They said would take a week to test it.
I just want to ask should I change it to ATI X1900XTX or just get another 7900GTX? And please tell me when X1950 will come out? Will it out in a week time. By the way, I am in Ireland. Thank you.
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  1. If u like the 7900 GTX, wich im guessing u do cause u bought it, then u should just get a new one. The new one will run fine.
    If u want HDR+AA and if u watch videos on ur PC a lot (AVIVO) then maybe u should consider the X1900XT as it has a lower price and the performance is the same.

    The X1950XTX will be more expensive then the X1900XT, cause its an XTX and the X1950XT is like the X1900GT, so its not a good deal. It will come out in a week or in a month (according to a new rumor).
  2. What are your system specs? What's the power supply? The power supply could be causing the crashing. Getting a new card might not cause improvement, or fix the problem.
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