getting some more Juice out of my A64 3800+

After a rather frustrating overclocking experiance before updating the BIOS on my A8N-SLI premium 939 board I finnaly was starting to get some admirable results.

My comp was stable up to aroud 2.7 ghz with the HTT set to 230mhz (ram also overclocked to 230mhz [they seem to go together] running at 2T vs the stock settings ove 1T)

However I cant seem to go any higher, and I know this thing can as go faster, I have seen reports or tom's guys and others getting the 3800+ up past 2.8 ( I did boot into windows and get a screen shot, but system lockups starting occuring)

So basically what I am asking is that do you think I could get more performance by say, buying some faster DDR 500 ram? . Or have I simply just reached my chipsets limit?

Also I dont think cooling is the issue ( I was contemplating getting Bigwater SE or one of those sideways zalman cpu fans that seem to be all the rage , but I really feel that I dont need them), because on the stock HSF I never rose above 50 degrees even with the vCore set up to 1.5v and the vDimm at 2.9

And to top it off my system specs

Antece Smart power 500w SLI
Asus A8N-sli premium
A64 3800+ stock 2.4ghz (venice)
Corsiar XMS Platnium DDR 400 at 1T
Dual eVGA 7600GT KO in SLI
x-fi Xtreme music
Samsung spinpoing 160gb SATA drive
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  1. Firstly, not all CPUs perform equally.
    Secondly, try lowering your CPU:RAM ratio to see if your RAM is holding you back.
    Thirdly, do you even need more speed?
  2. id chuck in a ram divider and lower it back down.

    maybe give it some more voltage.. check the northbrigde and southbridges. u stress the whole PC when u raise the FSB. not just the CPU. also have u lowered the PCIX bus??
  3. What is your htt link at? They tend to fail faster than Ram in my experience so you might as well turn it down to x4 and see what happens.Good luck
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