nervous breakdown

ok so my new build is having a nervous breakdown.

first let me share my parts list

An MSI 975x V2
A Core 2 e6400
OCZ Gold 2 Gig DDRII Ram
Evga 6600gt
an x-ultra connect 500w powersupply

the first thing i did was build the system and i booted to the bios. i changed the memory voltage from 1.8v to 2.0v because that was waht my memory was supposed to support. after that my computer kept booting and then shuting off, now after so tinkering itll stay on but no video.

so far ive attempted to use an intel p4 530, use a radeon 7000 pci, tried two different heatsinks both of which im sure work, and cleared the cmos.

im not putting anything in the system other than the essentials. i havent tested the parts in another mobo yet i can test everything but the cpu. which i will do tomorrow when im more stable and less frustrated.

my current guess is i killed the mobo, or the power supply, which is only 20 pins for the mobo, and 4 instead of 8 for the cpu, isnt good enough. does anyone have any guesses
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  1. So you're saying you plugged a 20 pin atx power supply into a 24 pin mobo socket, and a 4 pin P4 power supply cable into an 8 pin EPS socket? I think you have your answer as to why things are not as stable as you would like.

    I've heard less than stellar things about ultra PSU's, they look great but I've seen more than one thread or where they made the do not buy list.

    Here's a list of brands to look for.
    Power PC & cooling (way expensive, but bar none the best PSU's out there)

    pay close attention to amperage and not wattage (although wattage is important too), especially the 12 volt rails. you're shooting for about 30 amps combined on the 12 volt rails.
  2. ok, i rebuilt my old computer

    p4 530
    1.5 gigs of ddrI

    now my old board supports both ddrI and II so i took the ddr I out, and replaced it with DDRII, different sockets of course, and now i cant get video on that one, i realize my psu is probably not helping on the other one, but i replaced the mobo with ddrI again and i still cant get video.
  3. Sounds to me your tweaking fried your component?
  4. ok so ive been aproved for rmas from newegg on the mobo and the ram the ram has a restocking fee but im gonna get some nice value ram that runs at 1.8v not 2, hopefully my old mobo will be approved from the mfg.
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