Windows 7 Freeze - Requires Restart

Windows 7 64
- core i5 2500
- 8 gigs ram
- Ati firepro v4800
- Asus P8P67 MB
- WD 640 TB hd


About two weeks ago Windows started freezing-up. At first I thought it was due to Firefox 4 and flash, I have since removed all firefox installations and then reinstalled. I have updated my video card drivers. I've tried to setup a dump file but none are being written. I also have a Linux installation and it has no such issues - so, likely not hardware problem.

I have seen many people with this issue yet no clear explanation for what causes it. Can anyone offer any suggestions about how to isolate this issue?
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  1. Remove a stick of RAM...If still freeze, put the first one back in and take out the other one
  2. I noticed a similar issue with ASUS gamer osd, and ASUS update tool, when installed my system crashed frequently (badly written code, not optimized for 64bit), however uninstalling most of the ASUS software will fix the issue.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I started using only IE and I have not had a crash since. I believe at this point that FireFox 4 is freezing my system. The problems started when FireFox did a force update to version 4.
  4. Yes, definitely FF4. Has anyone else had this problem? FF has terrible support - it is almost impossible to file an issue with them, they have page after page of trying to keep you from sending in an issue and they have no customer support email address. They don't even have an email address.
  5. contactsophie,

    Thanks for your advice, I will check it out. However, the problem is not the RAM. The reason Windows was freezing was FireFox4. I started using another browser and my problems have been gone for 2 weeks; not a single freeze. All my problems began when FireFox updated itself to version 4 (I was pissed about this, the updating).
  6. Glad it is resolved!
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