6600 gt Agp with Transparency AA :))

Just downloaded the latest ForceWare the 91.45 that supports Quad SLI and Voila it activated the Transparency AA option in the control panel the feature realy works and the difference can be seen in almost every game that i played.All you have to do is instal the latest driver 91.45 and you have Transparency AA.Why didn't Nvidia male this feature available from the start?and why now?.Now i don't know if it will work for all video cards but for the 6600gt agp it works just fine
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  1. If some one could explain what Transparency AA is that would be nice cause i really dont know :?: also what does it do for games?
  2. Transparency AA is a feature that was not possible for a 6600gt or for a 6800(gt,tx) it just could not be activated.Transparency AA is a antialiasing feature that makes all the jaged edges disappear making them softer and nicer to look at the best effect is in counter strike-source the treeis much nicer
  3. The Geforce 7 series cards have always had Transparency antialiasing. :D
    I’m pretty sure Nvidia didn’t want any non Geforce 7 series card to use it, but they must have forgotten if you’re now using it on their Quad SLI beta drivers with a 6600GT.
  4. Well our luck :)) they just new that the video card was too lame to take in consideration :lol:
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