IPad IMAP connection problem.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I think this issue is more Mac related than iPad related.

The issue I am having is one of our users gets his work mail on his iPad through an IMAP connection. What is happening is the iPad is opening too many requests and locking the users Outlook out. We then have to go into the mail server and kill the iPad connections and reconnect before the iPad can reopen 10+ IMPA requests.

Im not incredibly savvy when it comes to Mac products, but is there a way to limit how many active IMAP requests the iPad will make? Or limit how frequently it tries to initiate a connection? Also FYI we are using a linux mailserver.....

Not all users are having this issue though, we are running a handful of iPhones and another iPad off of IMAP.
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  1. I guess we are getting windows tablets.....
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