Gigabyte's reply to DDR2 voltage issue on GA-965P-XXX mobos


Several days ago, I made a question through the official support channel at Gigabyte's site about the DDR2 voltages. They just replied me today, and here it is:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for supporting GIGABYTE products and contacting GBT Tech Support. As to the problem you mentioned, we follow the regulation which release by the JEDEC organization for the hardware standard. ( All the hardware have to follow the regulation to become standard. So far, they have the regulation of DDR2 memory modules up to DDR667 with 1.8V design.

Because there are too many kinds of memory modules available in the retail market, it is very difficult to test all of the modules with our MB products. Meanwhile, if possible, we also recommend you choosing the modules with famous brand and test the modules with your system before you buy them to avoid H/W compatibility issue

Therefore, the modules like DDR2 800 currently available in the market are not concerned as standard modules. DDR2 800 modules are still on the way to meet the regulation. Most of the venders try to add voltage to overspec the product in order to reach DDR2 800. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the product overspec can work on the M/B since it is not standard. If you want to use DDR2 800 memory modules, we will suggest you to purchase it after the rule is done by Jedec and release the standard design for all memory manufacture to follow. Sorry for the inconvenience that has encountered.

Best Regards,
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  1. This explains why my memory does not run as required. I was tempted to tune it as specified using advanced ctrl+f1 options, but I might just wait and see if they get their finger out of their butt's and actually provide some proper support sooner rather than much later, which this reply indicates.

    Memory timings are at 5-5-5-18 according to cpu-z, when they should be at 4-4-4-12. The frequency is right but the voltage appears to be 0.3V under what Corsair say.
  2. If you go the Gigabyte website and find a recommended memory module that is close to what you already have...

    Hi guys, I don't know if this would help, but it might. I went to a lot of trouble to detail my fix, because I'm sure it will help others, and I'm a helpful kind of guy. Handsome and sexy too. (and modest).

    My RAM is not Corsair, but the same thing would apply to different brands if you have a 160+ IQ like me. Just grasp the process described and adapt to your circumstances. And backup your RAM specs before changing them.

    I have built a gaming system based on the GA-965P-DS3P (rev 3.3) mainboard, and I selected OCZ PC2-6400 (DDR2-800) in 2 sticks of 1024MB. I actually didn't have any problems to start with, and I have been using the overclocked system with standard air cooling and standard voltages with no problems these first few months (O'clocked from 2.13 -> 3.23). But a few times the system would repeatedly reboot before settling down again. A few days ago, the system booted up to the memory check and froze, then rebooted to standard (non-overclocked) speed and froze again at the memory check. Five mins would pass, and then it would continue to boot up and go into windows.

    I double checked the BIOS and upgraded it. - No change.
    I pulled the PC down and switched the memory sticks around, trying one, then the other, different slots etc. - No change.

    I then started going to forums and looking for clues. I found a reference to "THAIPHOON Burner".

    Thaiphoon Burner is the powerful SPD EEPROM reader and flasher. It enables you to reprogram the SPD directly or in the mode of emulation, to transform an ordinary DDR2 RAM stick into EEP-compliant and to edit your SPD in one minute by using the Timing Table Editor. Thaiphoon Burner can load external SPD dumps and flash them into EEPROM chip of the RAM stick. Thaiphoon creates a highly detailed reports that can be saved in a separate file. The program supports ATi and ULi southbridges, 25 Intel ICHx southbridges and 7 VIA southbridges: VT82C686, VT8231, VT8233A/Ñ, VT8235, VT8237/A.

    So then I went to the Gigabyte site to find out what kind of DDR2-800 memory they recommend for this MB.

    I found this PDF: [...] 3p_3.3.pdf

    In this PDF there is only one OCZ 1gb memory that is recommended : (OCZ2N1066SR2GK)

    I downloaded THAIPHOON Burner (free trial, 15 days) and found it had a set of 'dumps' of various brands and types of memory. The closest I could find to the recommended type was OCZ2N1066SR1G SLi Ready DDR2-800.

    Then I "read" the installed memory I already had and found that it was: (OCZ2G8001G)

    THAIPHOON has a "DETAILS" function which lists out all the specs (beautiful program!)
    After carefully reading the specs on my installed memory, and comparing to the OCZ2N1066SR1G specs, I could see they were practically identical physically, but only had different timings. IE, same physical height, number of 'banks' capacity, etc.

    I was then brave enough to BURN the OCZ2N1066SR1G specs into my existing memory.

    After a reboot, everything was PERFECT. Instant response, rock-steady performance.


    Cheers everyone! ~ Craig in Sydney.
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