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I need to get a new USB thumb drive. Does anyone have any suggestions for one that is DURABLE. I need something that will not break off my key chain, and can take the beating of getting thrown in and out of my bag, etc.

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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  1. I have a Kingston Data Traveller II (1GB) and it's been dropped a few times on hard surfaces. The OCZ Rally series i've heard are pretty durable as well.
  2. Thanks for those suggestions. I checked them out, and I'm still comparing. Does your Kingston have a durable hook/ring for a set of keys?

    I came across Lexar Jump drives also. Know anything about their products?

    I was particularly interested in this one:

    JumpDrive Sport
  3. I haven't used any Lexar flash drives myself, but I haven't heard too many complaints about them either. My Kingston does have a key ring on it... I don't know how strong it is though, because I don't have mine on a keychain.
  4. I have a Lexar that went through the washing machine and has been droped several times and still works fine.
  5. I have an A-Data, fully incased in rubber.
    It has survived through hell.
    It was $50+ when I got it and its down to 20 now.
    I finally killed it when my entire computer desk fell onto of it and now it only works some of the time.
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