Too Many Upper Case Letters error message...

This is obviously something new or something only affecting some of us, because when replying to some threads that have alot of acronyms (imagine that in a tech forum :wink: ) I get the following error message;



So can't reply to the "Re: AGP vs PCI-E" with the original title, can't reply to the "RV630XT , RV630, RV610 spotted" thread without the same issue.

I can see it now, I can't post "ATi/AMD R600 Launched" as a title because there's too many caps. Or mention anything about "HDMI HDCP DRM + H.264 & VC1". 8O

I notice alot of people posting recently without either a title or a 'replying to' person, and it's obvious that recent tweaks are messing with this.

I still don't understand the need, considering I don't think anyone gives a FAQ about caps in the title so much as ALL CAPS in the body.

Seems like a strange addition to make so late in the game.

Is there any way this can be modified?

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  1. Send this reply to steve_sa
  2. Will do, thanks for the quick reply, eh!
  3. I am going to take the subject checking out until we figure it out.
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