Windows 7 installation failure

Toshiba laptop
Win7 home premium 64-bit
3gb RAM
freshly formatted hard drive
original media from Toshiba with win7

I am trying to completely wipe this laptop off and start fresh. the recovery partition has been removed as part of my search for a resolution for the problem. When I try to install windows 7 on this machine I start by selecting to format the entire hard drive. It completes this and then starts the installation of windows 7. It take a very long time for windows to unpack the files and copy them to disc. After about an hour and a half it starts asking me for the User name/location/time settings, etc. After that it reboots to startup windows for the first time. It immediately tells me that windows cannot start and startup repair will need to be run or I can select to ignore this and try to start normally. Either option yields no improvement. After working with each of those options I just decided to reformat the drive and start the install again. Even after the drive was wiped and fully formatted I get the same error once the windows installation finishes.

What do you think I should do?
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  1. I would have a look in the bios of the laptop and check to see if there is an option to set the hard drive to Ide mode or sata mode.
    It is likely it is set to one or the other, but changing it should sort the boot problem out.
    On a small note you have to delete each partition made by toshiba, and then formatted.
    You see the working os partition may be marked as D: and not C: where windows is looking for it.
    In any case you have to delete each partition, then it should give you the max size for the hard disk,format it to be set to C:.
    then windows will know it is the working os partition.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I have deleted and formatted the entire drive thus providing me with a seemingly clear, single partition.

    The bios is set to sata and I have removed the drive to ensure that it is a sata.

    Anymore ideas?
  3. does it have an option to set the drive to ide mode if so change it in the bios to ide and save it. then reboot see if windows loads.
  4. Changed that setting, no dice.
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