Family Computer is Fried!!! HELP!!!

Okay, here is the scoop.

I leave for college in 3 days, in that time frame I have to find or get the parts to build a computer for my family; other wise they keep my new computer I just built this week :( .

The delemia is that they don't have any money to buy a new computer right now. So I offered to put up the money, and it would be my christmas gift to my family. Problem there is that I'm a college student and I have little fundage.

So what I need from you Tomshardware faithful is...a computer that will run:

The internet, word, e-mail, LIGHT gaming, but won't be a P.O.S.
My budget at the moment is around $250. If you can help me please post. I have no problem buying a computer off ebay, or from dell even as long as it runs for my family.

Thank you,
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  1. You are SoL
  2. Thanks...?
  3. $250!!
    i think ebay or second hand shops will be the only place u can buy a computer that old from. I highly doubt stores would still have parts that cheap/old in stock.
    Specialy if that 250 includes keyboard, mouse, case etc etc
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