The advertisement on Hotmail are making it impossible to work - how can you swit

Could some kind person advise how to get rid of the adverts that continue to appear on Hotmail and make it impossible to work.
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  1. download either Firefox or Google chrome browser and install a add-on called "AdBlock"

    For chrome:
    then after installing add this:

    adblock for firefox
  2. Alternatively you can use Opera.

    When in the web page right-click, choose "Block Content" and then click on the ads. This will block the ads in the page.

    Just don't use IE or Safari.. lol
  3. Thank you loads for the help!
  4. adblock is awesome use at least to main filters!
  5. I have just downloaded Adblock. Not sure if it's going to work. But hope so. Thanks. My partner has a different problem which I shall start afresh as a new query. It's to do with downloading a new version of Adobe FlashReader and having done so it ruins everything because you can't read U-tube without adverts appearing over it in the wrong places.
  6. You could alternatively use Windows Live Mail instead of logging in to the Hotmail website... no ads period that way.
  7. Thanks. Good idea to change the mail server. Thanks again. It had crossed my mind. I think trying an alternative may help greatly.
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