Installing windows 8 no device drivers were found

Hi there, help needed, I am trying to Dual Boot W7 and W8 on my HP Ultrabook i5.
I have partitioned my hard drive giving me around 60gb for W8, I am using the W8 Disk form Microsoft I have tried the 64 and 32 bit version but come to a grinding halt, it tells me :- We couldn't find any drives. To get a storage driver, click Load Driver.
It tells me to insert the media with the drivers, I then get the message No Drivers were found, make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, then click OK.

Just can't get any further.

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  1. Before turning your laptop into paperweight, run Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant
    It will tell you whether there are driver issues with you laptop.

    Your next step is to check HP site for updated drivers, and cross your fingers there are Windows 8 drivers (I doubt, but who knows...)
  2. You say that's an ultrabook you're trying to set up? Are you using an external DVD-ROM drive to read the disk (since an ultrabook doesn't have an internal DVD drive)? Try a different USB port, and make sure you're not using a USB3.0 port. Even though Win 8 has native USB3 support the installer might not support loading from it. If that doesn't work you might try a different external drive, or make a bootable USB flash drive to load Windows from.
  3. I am facing the same problem. Please Help.
    Board: Mercury PI945GCM

    BIOS settings
    Onboard SATA Controller:Enabled
    Onboard IDE controller:Enabled.

    If win 8 does not detect my HDD then how can I browse for drivers in my HDD.
  4. I'm having a similar (maybe the same issue). I am running windows 8 currently (upgraded my HP Envy Ultrabook). Anyways, I was having some issues so I wanted to just Refresh, Reset, or just do a clean install, but each option comes up with a similar issue. The Refresh and Reset insist that "the required partition is locked or unavailable", and when I try to do a clean install from a flash drive I get to the part that has me choose where I would like to install, and it tells me "no drives were found". I can't figure out why the pc can't see my drives, and HP and Microsoft weren't helpful either. Help please. :(
  5. I have solved similar case; The problem was that windows 8 could not recognize the SATA of the machine "FUJITSU CELSIUS M720", so I went to Fujitsu site and downloaded the drivers; then when I see this error "we couldn't find any drives. to get a storage driver click load driver" along with the empty drivers screen, I clicked on the "Browse" button and located the drivers (I downloaded windows 7 drivers from the website since windows 8 drivers was not available at the moment)
  6. HI guys i had the same problem when i was installing windows 8 for the first time. i got a working solution for you. in most cases the problem is a bad setup files or bad iso. Dont worry follow these...
    1. copy hte installtion files of windows 8 to any other usb device other than the installation disk. so now you have two windows 8 setup file one from which you are booting and other would be the one you hav copied your setup files to as i told you.
    2. now next time when setup asks for missing drivers just plugin the usb which has the copied setup files.....and seach again your problem should be gone
  7. I had the same problem before, for solution when that error screen come up, just hit cancel or close button, back out to the install now screen, pull the drive out, and put it in a different slot then hit install now once again, and it worked..
  8. Hi everyone I have never posted to a forum like this but I'm so excited to have fixed my computer with a similar issue that I had to post.

    I have a Dell 2710 all in one computer that was running windows 7 pre installed. I then upgraded to Windows 8 back in March 13' and it was running FINE! For months and months. Then I installed this fresh round windows updates and BOOOM couldn't boot. Was stuck in a loop of blue screens where the refresh etc. options were limited and failing anyway. I even tried testing out my Command prompt skills and that was a total fail.

    Tried scouring the internet for everything I could find...And (here comes the good news) basically the only snippet of info that ended up helping me was getting the missing driver onto a usb disk and not just copying the .exe file (which the installer said it could not find the drivers on) but UNZIPPING the driver file (which I got from dell's website) onto the usb and then loading it through the windows 8 installer.

    Finally i could see my 2 TB drive which had been missing for DAYS. (now here's the bad news) I went through the install of Windows 8 and subsequently lost all my data :( (Luckily most of my crucial information was on external drives and in drop box, I hope anyway I can't remember what I had saved on this mf'er) Anyhoo I'm back at square one with this infernal box but at least it's not a 27 inch widescreen brick, right? So I hope this helps someone out there with the same problem.

  9. Welcome, Tina Williams - glad you fixed it. I'll close this ageing thread now but the advice will still be visible to future searchers.
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