Inno3D GeForce 6600 & Mystery Modem Drivers

I scarcely know where to post on this forum. I'm struggling to recover from a disastrous trip to the computer shop (at which time the tech messed things up so badly I had to format my partitioned C: drive and reinstall Windows XP Pro, etc.). The shop has refused to provide any of the drivers (other than the original mishmash on a CD-ROM I received last fall when I had the computer built) unless I return the computer. Not bloody likely! The same tech messed up the original install of Windows forcing me to format and reinstall last December . . . obviously I'm a slow learner in trusting them again, but the computer was still under warranty so I took it back in for more memory and a working fax modem.

When I went to the Inno3D GeForce driver page, I found 6 possible downloads - with no descriptive information. I'm at a loss . . . should I try to download a more recent driver (MSI motherboard K8N Neo4 with NVIDIA nForce 4 Ultra chipset) or just keep the original driver? I don't play games, but I do visit 3D websites and I do a lot of photo editing. I read the posts on flashing the BIOS and feel better about my decision NOT to do so.

The one piece of hardware that is definitely not working (according to Device Manager) is the PCI Simple Communications Controller. I went to the Conexant site and their modem "finder" couldn't figure out what the modem was. The vendor ID was 1813 which wasn't in their database. I cracked the case and still couldn't figure out what it was so I could load the right driver. Windows can't figure it out either.

Can't anyone help? My husband has hidden all the sharp implements in the house during this nightmare!
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  1. Leslie, I googled the vendor ID of your "PCI Simple Communications Device" and it turns out it is made by Ambient Technologies, Inc. who it turns out used to be Cirrus Logic, and now makes Intel's modem chipsets.....

    this website has drivers for Intel modems, i'd look at the device ID as well as the vendor ID and do a google search for "vendor 1813 device xxxx" or you could try each driver on the above website until you find one that works..... hopefully this helps, as for the 6600, as the above poster said, just go to and download the latest Geforce/TNT XP drivers (currently at the following link):

    Good luck fixing your machine!
  2. I tried the suggestion of going to the Ambient Technologies driver page which is, of course, Intel now. Intel insists I identify the chipset which I can't do. All I know is that the Vendor is 1813 (thanks to you we know who that is) and the Device ID is 4000, Revision ID is 02. This is an add-on so I was afraid to run the Intel Identification Utility which say it's for determining the chipset on the motherboard (which is an AMD Athonlon). Now what? The earlier poster may be right that I'll have to go out and buy yet a THIRD faxmodem card (I can't tell you how angry this idea makes me).

    I got the GeForce drivers, but not the Inno3D drivers of which there are 6, some being WHQL whatever that is.

    Thanks for responding.
  3. I think nVIDIA is okay. The problem is with the PCI Simple Communications Controller. That's the yellow exclamation point in Device Manager. It's my understanding that this refers to the modem. Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

    Intel is vague about the chipset. If you go to their modem page, you eventually end up with them requesting the chipset before you can download any drivers. The Identification Utility is unclear about exactly from where it seeks to identify the chipset. It sounds to me as if they mean the motherboard. I thought the fax modem was on a separate card. I cracked the case, but didn't see any manufacturer's name, etc., but honestly, I'm not sure I was looking in the right place.

    I ran the MSI Live Monitor to get the drivers for the nVIDIA nForce 4 stuff, as well as for the audio (Realtek AC'97). Of course it gave me the BIOS drivers, but I am leaving that alone. I really need to get the fax modem working (I have a cable modem for the internet). If I have to get a third fax modem, I will be more than just annoyed!
  4. Leslie- You do NOT... I repeat NOT need to buy a new faxmodem.... see, the device id and vendor id allow me to look it up and figure out exactly what modem you have.... I am convinced it is based on the MD562x chipset:

    -Click on Intel® Archived Chipsets Drivers
    - Select Your Version Of XP (Home/Pro)
    - Download & Install 1st driver on page (v.92)

    you have nothing to lose, and it's a free download; can't really make things worse, so for the sake of saving a few dollars, try it before you buy a new modem...... i'm 99.999% sure it's the right driver, based on my experience and some research..... If you cannot locate it, PM me and we'll exchange email addresses, I can email it to you as it's only 262k in size.

    BTW, just so you know, it's AMD Athlon :D

    EDIT: And by the way, about the Inno3D driver.... you DON'T need it.... it's the same thing as the nVidia geforce (forceware) driver you already downloaded except the ones on nVidia's site are usually newer......
  5. You are TRULY a Prince!!! I'm going to follow your instructions. Keep your fingers crossed. I'll post a response as soon as possible (am running a little slow today as I had a migraine just after midnight, no big surprise there). My husband will also thank you as he's sick of hearing me rant. Not that HE wants to learn about this (he's a superb programmer, but knows nothing about operating systems and has absolutely no interest in learning about them OR about how either of our two systems work - that's supposed to be my domain).
  6. Okay, I downloaded the driver and tried to install it to the PCI Simple Communications Controller and XP said it wasn't the right driver.

    The modem driver itself was installed by Microsoft (a standard driver) version 5.1.2535.0. Device Manager claims it's working, but the PCI Simple Communications Controller isn't (as evidenced by the big yellow question mark).

    So, it's the PCI Simple Communications Controller driver that missing. Would it make sense to try the other drivers from the Intel site in the hope of eventually finding the right one?
  7. I just wasted $6.95 on a subscription to DriversGuide. I downloaded their toolkit in the hope of finding out more about the modem. They did identify the modem as follows: Ambient Technologies (which I already knew), the Device is a Creatix V.90 HaM Modem. According to the Drivers Guide, there is no more recent driver.

    So, evidently that's not the problem. I'm googled PCI Simple Communications Controller and apparently this is a common problem. However, nowhere did I find a good answer as to what to do about it. Some posters said to remove the modem card and then reinstall it. Others said that didn't do any good. Still others said it was a known XP problem.

    What's really annoying is that I checked the drivers of almost every device in my computer and DriversGuide didn't have newer drivers for any of them! This boggles my mind. I find that really hard to believe.
  8. Leslie,

    I would try and see if I could get it to install anyways (ignore any error messages about driver not being written for your hardware)..... it might work this way, otherwise, yes, it couldn't hurt to try the other drivers...... try the 2nd one on that page (v.90) or you could even try the newer drivers, although those shouldn't show a 4000 for device ID...... failing that, I would just order the following:

    as it's rated good and very inexpensive..... if you do this, you won't go wrong! Sounds like it may be worth spending a few bucks to save alot of hassle!
  9. Leslie,

    IMHO driversguide is a waste of money........ you could try removing the PCI modem card.... then, reinstall it in a different slot so it redetects, and then use the driver I referred to..... for what you spent on that website you could have bought the modem I referred you to above..... sorry you wasted your cash before I posted that message.
  10. I've been advised to trash the modem and simply get a new one. According to (who've helped immeasurably during this fiasco), the the shop used (Creativ V.90) is so old that, although I can try to make it work, the odds are against me. To think that they replaced the non-working US Robotics with the Creatix makes me furious. My guess is that when they replaced it, the tech discovered that he couldn't make it work but sent it home with my husband (with instructions for me to repair the driver by using my XP Pro original installation CD - which is when my real problems began).

    I don't want to replace the modem myself, nor will I ever trust a shop to take the computer - - nope, I'll either have to pay to get a tech to come here and replace it and prove to me that it works OR I'll have to stand by in a facility while it's replaced and tested. I don't intent to ever trust anyone with this computer again . . . unless I'm standing there, preferably with a loaded gun.
  11. Leslie,

    Remember the driver you downloaded from the link I provided? Well, why don't you try the second driver on that page (the one for v.90); since your modem is appearantly v.90 that would be the one to try, the one I had you download was for v.92..... try the v.90 one and if that doesn't work, then TRASH the modem..... remember, second one down on the Archived Chipsets Driver page....... if not, PLEASE, just buy the modem I linked you to, read the instruction sheet, and install it yourself, there is no reason to pay someone to do this as I am 100% sure you are capable of it, just plug it into the same slot the current modem is in and install the driver from the CD..... OR..... try something like this:

    this is a USB 56k modem, you don't even have to open the case to install it....... except to pop the old modem card out.
  12. Thank you for all your time/effort. I tried the different driver and it didn't fix the PCI Simple Communications Controller either. The modem has a driver that, according to Device Manager, is okay.

    I'll follow your suggestions and hope for the best. I really could kill the technician at the computer shop.
  13. Leslie,

    Stupid question...... ignoring the "PCI Simple Communications Controller" problem.... did you actually try to use the modem card itself? I ask because on that MSI board, the orange PCI slot is actually designated as a "communications" slot, and I think there is a module that plugs in there that allows the processor to act like a modem.... perhaps that slot thinks the module is there and thinks it needs a driver?..... Or if the PCI modem is totally nonfunctional, maybe you could pop it in there instead of the slot that it is in? Or, if it is already there, move it to one of the other slots..... or if the modem actually works, just ignore it...... if none of these steps work, I would really try that USB modem I referred you to, or the PCI one, but I know this is a problem that creeps up in XP from time to time with PCI modems, that's why I possibly suggest the USB one..... By the way, take the modem out of the original slot, boot back into XP with it not in there at all, and THEN shut down, change PCI slots, and try again (with the drivers I suggested before, v.90 first; and if that doesn't work, v.92)....... if that DOESN'T work, take PCI modem card out of computer, order USB modem from Newegg, and the gleefully beat the crap out of the PCI modem with a large sledgehammer, you will feel much stress relief! I've had to throw away 4 or 5 faxmodems since XP came out as it just refuses to cooperate at times, now I use Roadrunner...... Ethernet installs soooo much easier....
  14. Leslie,

    One more link for you....

    notice, this is DIRECT from creatix..... try this driver, but ONLY after popping the modem into another slot and rebooting...... this pretty much HAS to work, as it's right from the manufacturer; if it DOESN'T, there is something physically wrong with the modem..... By the way, please, let this be a lesson to you...... do not be duped into spending money on a so called "driver download site" as most of the time you WILL NOT get your moneys worth, at best you will find mostly outdated win98/me/2000/nt4.0 drivers and XP drivers from 2001 when it came out....... (note: do not worry about this being a direct download link, I do not link Spam or other garbage and you can see the URL is clearly creatixs' website...)
  15. Okay, here's what happened. I had a "funny feeling" about trying to remove the old driver and put in a new one. I've learned the hard way to take these "premonitions" seriously.

    So, I took the computer in to a highly recommended shop. It turned out to be a more complicated deal than I had thought. Apparently, when the "tech" replaced the original fax modem, he failed to ground things properly. When the Creatix card was removed, the problem surfaced (a short and inability to boot). The shop was able to fix it (but without removing the motherboard - it appears fine), but it took them far longer than they had thought. A new modem was installed and tested there - in front of me. If I had tried to do this and had this happen, I'd have been unsure what to do and convinced I'd really messed everything up.

    I'm back home and the modem appears to be working (haven't used it yet). The morale of this whole story is to be very careful about 1. who builds your computer (I didn't feel qualified, but didn't want a name brand after problems with Dell); and, 2. who repairs it. There are people out there who claim to be technicians, but really lack sufficient qualifications to do squat.
  16. Weird....... usually if the short is present, the computer will fail to work, modem installed or not........ perhaps what caused the short is that something was where it didn't belong (motherboard standoff, etc) and removing the modem from the slot caused the board to flex just enough to cause the short to manifest itself....... i'm not convinced that the problem with the modem card still isn't driver-related, as if the modem itself were shorted, removing it would allow the system to boot, having it in there would prevent it......... sounds like whomever built this computer for you did a very shoddy job; without looking at the computer I can never be sure however...... so, at any rate you've got it fixed, what a relief, huh?
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