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Hey folks, I just found out that the X800 XL $119 deal has been discontinued from shop.ati.com.

The unfortunate thing is, I had to call them, inquire about my order, and then be put on hold for (3) times, because the customer service representative didn't seem to be very willing to help. As a side-note, I placed my order on Saturday and the status did not change through end-of-business today, which raised the red flag in my mind that I'd better call!

I'm not too excited about the 7600GS AGP, but did find this little jewel on Newegg.com:


The AIW X800 XT -- I've never been big on having a TV tuner, but it did get pretty good reviews. It has 16 pipelines, 256MB of DDR3 memory and appears to be comparable to the X800 XL (which doesn't have a tuner IIRC).

I doubt I will use the tuner, however, I wanted to ask you guys for your thoughts on this card. The price isn't too bad, and the only con that seemed to stand out from Newegg's consumer reviews is that it runs hot. I'm sure the X800 XL would have run hot too.


Thanks in advance!
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  1. It's a nice card. Clocked higher and therefore perfoms better than the X800XL.

    If you have any old card to send ATI, you can get the AIW X800XT AGP for $129 after a $50 trade up. Can't beat that deal in AGP.

  2. BTW, the R430 X800XL was native PCI-e. Uses the Rialto chip to bridge it to AGP. It's a long card in comparison to the faster AIW X800XT which is native AGP. Not that size matters, just the XL could get long in a tight case and it's amzing the AIW packs the extra TV tuner onto a smaller PCB.

    I Don't have a pic of the two together and won't be pulling the AIW to take one, but here is the AIW X800XT with a 9800 pro, and the X800XL with the same 9800 pro.

  3. Paul,

    I really appreciate the info. It looks like things worked out for the best. While the Trade-Up deal is a good one, I really don't mind spending a few extra bucks for Newegg. Today the ATI store customer service really left a bad feeling with me and I've been very fortunate with Newegg.

    Also, I did not realize that the X800XL is such a long card. That might have presented problems for me as I have a mid-tower case. The hard drive power lead might have interfered with a card that long.

    Thanks again!
  4. Sorry to hear ATI let you down. Can't go wrong with Newegg either though. It's still a retail BBA, so it should have the same 3 year warranty.
  5. Yeah, I was suprised how big my X800XL was compared to my old 9800pro. It barely fit.
  6. "It's like spudnick...spherical, yet quite pointy at parts!"
  7. I got notice last night my shop ATI Aiw X800XT is backordered. Oh well, I just cancelled it instead of waiting & wondering.
  8. I picked up a Sapphire X800XT PE off ebay for £170 about 13 months ago to replace a 9800pro.

    I love it!! People criticise it for not having SM3.0 but honestly its a small gripe and allows the GPU resources to be put to good use on more important things such as stable performance.

    It does need a power supply direct from the PSU

    I would recommend prowling ebay to find a good bargin.
  9. Quote:
    I love it!! People criticise it for not having SM3.0 but honestly its a small gripe and allows the GPU resources to be put to good use on more important things such as stable performance.


    Let me ask you this: The tv tuner is of course optional to use. I've heard grumblings from users having difficulty getting the tuner software to function properly. Have you had any luck with it?

    I don't think I'd ever use the tv tuner simply because I don't have a cable hook-up in my office area. The only cable hook-up that I have is being used by my cable modem.

  10. He has the X800XTpe, which is a slightly higher clocked card, but it lacks a TV tuner. I use the TV tuner all the time. The AIW's are a bit trickier when updating drivers, but quite useful once you get them running. The the AIW X800XT is actually my 4th AIW card over the past 6 years or so. For the price you paid (if you bought it from newegg), you basically got the TV tuner and remote for free anyway as there isn't a better performing AGP card for that money. Only annoying issue I have found with the remote was not being able to use it's software properly/fully along with the logitech wireless KB software.
  11. Paul,

    ATI has already taken the X800 XT trade-up offer (for $129) off their website.

    I haven't ordered anything yet, but I thought you'd find that interesting.

    That's two AGP offers that have been discontinued since Monday, lol.
  12. Ah, I thought you ordered the X800XT from Newegg already.

    Yes, I hear what you are saying, and add their recent X850 pro AGP which dissappeared before the AIW X800XT came up even, and it's just like I told someone here as well as a couple personal friends. These are rare AGP deals and they won't last. All three are gone leaving Newegg X800GTO and AIW X800XT as the place to shop for AGP again. Hey hopefully they Hvae some X850XT agp's to sell off cheap, that would be a good deal for you. But unless their next AGP release is ready, they won't blow out inventory on the best ones they have to offer.
  13. Actually, they still show the AIW X800XT as in stock although my recent order was in stock but they sent me a notice it was backordered. So what's up with that. My trade up $129 AIW X800XT is backordered, they pull the trade up deal on it yet still ahve the card in stock. I think even though I didn't need the card they owe me a big explanation on that one as it ticks me off if they lied about stock on the cards.
  14. Quote:
    I think even though I didn't need the card they owe me a big explanation on that one as it ticks me off if they lied about stock on the cards.

    I got the distinct impression from their customer support that they aren't willing to make things right when a mishap occurs.
  15. WHo knows. But either they lied about stock or the website is currently innaccurate and it's not in stock. Either way, to have that card highlighted on the front page of their buy site the day after they notified me it's backordered, doesn't speak well for them. Then to see the trade-up offer pulled on that card, really makes me question why they backordered my card. If I get a chance tomorrow I'll call them and do a Columbo investigation into it. You know, play dumb, ask questions, and get them to put their foot in their mouth. :twisted:
  16. Today I found another good deal on an ATI card. Buy.com has the AIW X800 XT agp for $159 and I bought it.

    Thanks for everyone's advice and info. I'm confident I made the right purchase.
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