WIndows restarts itself on start up

I'm not exactly sure why, but for some reason windows 7 (ultimate) will automatically restart itself upon load up. The computer is about 8 or 9 months old, every part in it is that old except a much older 200 gig harddrive. ( Intel i7-930, Radeon 5770, 6 gigs Patriot DDR3 Ram, Sabertooth mobo )

So yeah, safe mode works just fine, no other f-8 option works however. And for some reason, all of my system restores have been deleted. So I have no previous system restore date to revert back too. Safe mode is the only mode I can get the computer to run on.

I've tried the MSconfig route and turned off all my programs ( except those required by microsoft ) and managed a successfull boot that way, but then however my internet doesn't work, my sound, or even video. So I'm at a loss and not particularly sure what to do.
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  1. Since its loading in the safe mode that means that the core os is fine, its probably some drive issue or compatibility which is causing the reboot. Try doing a reinstall on the existing os (upgrade), that should repair the existing installation.
  2. Another suggestion would be to disable any suspect items via device manager or physically remove them and see if you can get the system stable that way, then work through a process to isolate exactly which bit of hardware (or software) is causing your problem(s).

    Repairing the problem without determing the root cause isn't necessarily the smartest option, as you have no idea if the problem will reoccur as you haven't properly nailed down the offending hardware or software (eg: a device driver). And if your fault was due to say a 3rd party device driver being overwritten by a generic microsoft one, you might end up in the same position you are in now.

    I assume (seeing as you haven't mentioned it), there are no error messges or any form of blue screen being displayed on screen?

    Have you examined your system's event logs?
    Do they have any interesting events listed?

    How long has the spontaneous reboot been occuring for?

    ...based on your answer to the previous question....

    Did anything occur around the time that the problems started or prior to them?
    ...and you should look at things with a very open mind - including stuff like environmental changes. eg: has someone moved your computer? has someone else been using it? did you make any hardware or software changes around the time that the problems started?

    Have a think along those lines and you might be able to solve the fault yourself.
    I have a little bit of experience in this area from my day job.

    Do a brain storming session on a piece of paper if you need to...
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