My X700 vs. my new X1900XT Noise Levels?

I currently am running an ati x700 pro 256 mb card in my current computer. Whenever I load up a game it makes quite a bit of noise, much more noisy than my case and cpu fans.

I am building a new computer in a few weeks with an ati x1900xt and i was wondering how they compared in noise, I know the x1900's are supposed to be loud, but the only noise level i can compare it to is my current x700.

It would be great if you could provide insight and a chart!

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  1. Well not sure if we covered this in the other thread enough for you or not, but basically expect this.

    At startup the XT is going to be hella loud, but with a few seconds will calm down to quieter than the winey X700. And especially if you get the HIS it will likely never get that loud again.

    Unfortunately no consistent decibel tests go that far back to include the X700, but basically it's like this for noise from loudest to least of the Top cards;

    GF7900GT>X1800GT/GTO/X1900GT>X1900XTX>X1900XT>GF7900GTX=HIS X1900XT/XTX IceQ3.

    In that review there's a GF6600GT, if you can find a reference to the GT vs X700 then you can get a better idea.
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