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  1. try again
  2. hopefully last time
  3. test new sig
  4. You pass the test :P
  5. He gains 1 experience point. [/DM]
  6. But loses one soul. [/other]
  7. Just testing my sig...

  8. Guess what??? You pass :)
  9. Just lighting up my cig.. Oh wait i don't smoke...
  10. Quote:
    i don't smoke...

    I'm not calling you a liar, but I do have this footage of you with your pants on fire. [/The Simpsons]

    :wink: :P

    Guess what??? You pass :)

    *does victory dance*
  11. Different smoking... :wink:
  12. Different smokes for different folks?
  13. Well better camels then Llamas eh??
  14. I smoke Luckies. Except when they're on strike...
  15. :lol: :trophy:
  16. Quote:
    Well better camels then Llamas eh??

    So you do smoke! :o

    *ponders development of a camel suit*
  17. Nope,
    Haven't smoked anything since Seth got back from Afghanistan.(See weed pictures). And that was 3 years ago...

    @Mugz: So what is your opinion on the Zimbabwe incident going on?
  18. They must do to Mugabe what they did to Saddam - only without his basic human rights being an option.
  19. Three years, huh? Care to share your success stories with my new P.A. group? Lie a little and say you were a pedantry addict. :wink:
  20. Wow i was thinking the same... The more i read on this guy the more i really despise him. Time to find a tall tree and publicly hang him.
  21. Too bad they don't have oil there :( If they did something would get done pretty quick.


    Congrads to SA !!! The match was great!
  22. Quote:
    Three years, huh? Care to share your success stories with my new P.A. group? Lie a little and say you were a pedantry addict. :wink:

    Ha they would know I'm a fake. I don't have a pedantic bone in my body. :lol:
  23. Surgery. Say it was surgery. :lol:
  24. Ah yes, i was cured via surgery thanks to Mugz black ops Labs.
  25. That sounds good, but do it again in the PA meeting...
  26. When's the next meeting?
  27. Starts as soon as we get either Llama, Jef, or some P-bunnies to show up. :wink:
  28. Bored as hell and i wanna get i'll... [/10 points open]
  29. E Eazy - Boyz In Da Hood [/Google]
  30. Awards +10 Gangsta Points to VBDude
  31. *does victory dance*

    Looks like jumping rope...but without the rope.
  32. nice visual...
  33. ...basic, I know.

  34. ..yet easily imaginable
  35. *does another visual, basic victory dance*

    Man, this is making me groan.
  36. ya... today is dragging here... I will be gone from tonight thru Wednesday night. Going to Denver for business. I swear if time goes any slower today it will start going backwards...
  37. *does victory dance*

    Looks like jumping rope...but without the rope.


    Have fun on your trip.
  38. *Picks up VBDude and throws him against the wall*
    *Ball rebounds and lvdax catches him*
    *Puts VBDude down on the ground*

    There I feel better now.. :lol: :lol: :wink:
  39. :)

    Glad I could lend a helping hand. :wink:
  40. ** Passes the bored sysadmin a slightly worn looking baseball glove **
    ** walks off whistling the great escape tune **
  41. Yeah, escaping has always been easy for me.

    Now jumping fences with a motorcycle...
  42. Its kinda hard to hold the handle bar with no hands...

    HELLO from Colorado...
  43. :wink:

    I was wondering why you were on already. You still have until Wednesday, correct? I hope you're having fun...
  44. I am sitting here in CO freezing my @ss off... There is a BIG snow storm coming in tonight so i seriously hope my flight doesn't get canceled...
  45. You silly Californian. It's not that cold. :P

    Hope that flight works out and goes well for you. Good luck.
  46. We took off just before the storm hit... The ride home was "interesting" to say the least. But back in warm California...
  47. was CO?
  48. Very successful. We just signed on a large contract (50 sites before Jan 2008). They wanted to test the product before hand to ensure their system would work across our equipment. It worked like a champ and they signed. Too bad i'm not getting any commission off of it.

    Did some drinking there to take full advantage of the altitude.
  49. 8O So, uh, where is it you work again?
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