fan speed help!

i cant get the fan speed off 100% and its really loud!
riva tuner either turns the fan off or at 100%, no in between
speedfan doesnt detect the fan
everest tells me its at 100% but i cant find any controll
im useing the latest forceware that shows gpu temps, but no fan setting

gpu: 6600 256mb
mb: dp965lt
cpu: e6300

im leaning towards blaming the mb support / lack of
im tempted just to rip the fan out, cause everything else is silent
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  1. the same thing happens to me too,just use rivatuner and set the 2D or 3D fan speed to 95% load and it will do the trick it worked for me
  2. none, when i set it to 95% it just turns off, also 99% turns off
  3. the same thing happend to me too just restart and then try again you will seen that when riva starts up it will control the speed try this many times becose someting is buggy at the midle if i put the fans speed at 35-12-69-40% it's still the same speed
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