Cant get even a minimal oc stable... need help

on my old system, im trying to get the most out of it as i can..

at the momment i just want to oc on stock cooling my 2.4Ghz, p4 northwood..

right now the fsb is 133.3 and the voltage 1.5v.. now i increased my fsb to 144 and my increased my voltage to 1.6, and it seemed ok untill i started playing a game, where the computer froze and restarted.. so do i need to increase the voltage or what..?

btw my idle cpu temp is 43-44 when it was oc'ed to that amount. normally 42.. what temps should i avoid? ie max temp?
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  1. what about the ram?

    (im relatively new to ocing)

    btw my mobo is a P4S8X
  2. Wel,l what is ur ram settings (speed, timings etc...)....and also, either ur ram can stand oc is an important factor
  3. What is your motherboard's chipset? I have the same CPU as you but I can't overclock it past 2.5 at best, even tho my temps are only 45°C at full load when OCed to any level. It just dies about 5 mins into the burn in test. I've put it down to my crappy SiS chipset, which has caused loads of issues over the years.
  4. i have a P4S8X and my ram is almost certainly the problem... its some crap i picked up... (i bought this before i really new anything about computers so i assumed all ram was the same 8O ) i have 2 512 sticks without any sort of cooling and a 1 gb stick without any sort of cooling...

    the 2 512 sticks go like this (please god dont laugh, this is very embaressing...)

    im copying what cpu-z says since i know nothing about the ram other than what cpu-z says :wink:

    SPD timings Table (for both 512 sticks)

    Frequency: 133 MHz, 166 MHz
    CAS# latency: 2.0, 2.5
    RAS# to CAS#: 3, 3
    RAS# Precharge: 3, 3
    TRAS#: 6, 7

    SPD timings Table (for 1gig stick)

    Frequency: 166 MHz, 200 MHz
    CAS# latency: 2.0, 2.5
    RAS# to CAS#: 3, 4
    RAS# Precharge: 3, 4
    TRAS#: 7, 8

    sadly i still dont know anything about ram so someone is going to have to tell me what to do :(

    so as u can see its eye bleeding bad ram... anyways can anyone help me plz, thanks very much :D
  5. ok after screwing around with my computer i have a stable (for now) fsb at 145 from the original 133.3, so now im running at 2610 MHz instead of 2400... thats not very much on an increase at all... so does anyone have any suggestions that could make it go higher?

    *btw i didnt increase my voltage at all
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