Power & Cooling 1KW PSU and LIAN LI PC-V1200 Case

Does anybody know if an Power & Cooling 1KW PSU will fit in the Lian Li PC-V1200 case. The PSU is 23 cm deep and by the looks of it it will fit since this case is an extended version. But does anybody know for sure???

(Does it fit without removing the rear HD cage?)
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  1. You know, you really don't need 1kw. Look at the 10k pc, only has 600W for quad sli.
  2. Well I want a 1 KW PSU so I can use it on the 4x4 system when is comes out. But i,m not really sure how much power that system is going to use so I figure i,d be prepared. But i,m not sure yet since $500 dollar is really really steep.
  3. Well I don't know what the power requirements are going to be like, but if you want to OC heavily it might be worth it, if you're going to SLi too.
  4. I don't do oc and am not planning on using sli or crossfire. I,m just planning on getting a 4x4 system with 1 top of the line GPU.
  5. Wait untill 4x4 specs and make the call...I want that psu too..Probally need it in the next 2 years
  6. Yes I think that is what i,m going to do. i,m going to do a final upgrade on my current system and wait till 4x4 has been released and all the bugs have been fixed.

    I,ll just add 2gb of ram and get the X1950XTX when it comes out.
  7. Just an FYI, Enermax also has a 1kw psu out called the Galaxy. I know that it doesn't have quite the reputation as PC P&C but they are considered one of the better makers. It's also significantly cheaper...
  8. The PSU will fit... barely


    It seems like you're not really loading that PC so I'd go with a Silencer 750... it's smaller... and it's $200. That and 750 watts should be ample power for you.
  9. Hey thanks, the pic. is really usefull.
  10. NP and good luck with that if you go with the 1kW version. I'd still highly recommend the silencer 750 though... slightly smaller.
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