Whats The Best Keyboard??

im gonna buy a new one and i want to know whats the best... not too expensive though

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  1. i don't know...i hate those keyboards that have those Small BackSpace button's. the Microsoft Keyboards are nice, the Internet Keyboard, or the OFFICE keyboard..there around 55$..

    I don't think i would spend over 45$ on a keyboard..

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  2. I love the Logitech Internet Navigator Keyboard.

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  3. I love my Microsoft Natural Keyboard. I brought it five years ago. It is still great.
  4. yeah, i like the microsoft keyboards....

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  5. Here's another vote for the Microsoft Natural Keyboard. 3 years and still going.

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  6. keyboard is a consumer item, buy a cheap one that you feel its good for your hands, and replace it every year!

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  7. MS Internet keyboard here, it's decent. Only need a decent keyboard skin and then it's silent too, not too many extra buttons but what it got you can configure for your use. (love it that you can turn off the windows and application keys, they bug me when playing games)

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  8. I really like my Logitech internet keyboard b/c it's a little bigger than usual, and I can really type mad fast and really easily on it with no hand fatigue. Only problem is the keys don't seem to be very high quality, and some of them are less receptive than others.

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  9. where do you get KeyBoard Skins ?

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  10. keyboard skins? just spraypaint:)

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  11. Look/ask around in stores, you buy the box and the paperwork in it, fill the info, send back to company and then they send you the right one. Since there is 50 different keyboards on the market, stores can't order all of them and get stuck with the less popular ones.

    I think they called snug fit or contour something... Staples used to have them, I just didn't go there for a while now. Try a search on yahoo for keyboard skins and see. My leftover 7-8 years old keyboard looked like new when I removed the skin last summer, the skin was old and yellow.

    The cost last time was 25 or so Canadian $, worth every penny.

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  12. Do they really lower the noise level that much.......

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  13. yes, it's like a silencer because they're made of thin soft rubber (at least the ones I used).

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  14. Here is a negative recommendation for the Microsoft Office Keyboard. Right Control, Left Arrow, and the Up Arrow can not be used simultaneously.

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  15. Possibly a stupid question, but why would you want to? I would assume that Ctrl is your fire key in games, so you can't go up and left while shooting. But come on, use a mouse button :tongue:

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  16. I use control for crouch. If I'm playing a shooter where I'm trying to be stealthy, this can be a problem. I believe that other people who aren't fond of the WASD movement style use something similar to me.

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  17. Ah, that makes sense then. I use ESDF (default in Tribes 2). I like it, it gives me more room for keybinds.

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  18. Keyboards are a personal thing, like a musical instrument. You play one until you find the one that feels best to your hands. Same with a computer keyboard.

    My preference? Old IBM p/s2 keyboards with a lot of click, because I'm a poor typist. I love the beasts. Our local schoolboard has a warehouse full of them. I date an IT tech from the county and she's scored me a couple of them for free. I'll need a few more. They're rebuildable, and some have nice long coil cords on them.

    Next favorite (and harder to find): old Northgate keyboards, which were similar, but with the F keys to the left of the keyboard, not above.

    Disadvantage: no Windows or menu keys, none of the Internet or sound control buttons.

    For gaming, I use a Nostromo gamepad, so that doesn't matter one bit.
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