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c2d system troubles; never seen anything like this. Plz help

Last response: in CPUs
August 16, 2006 3:52:35 PM

Hey guys,

i just got all my new pc parts:

p5n32 sli deluxe se
2gb ocz ddr2 800
ocz 700watt psu
fatality x-fi fps


it started up the first time and everything was good. 10 minutes later, after i was fiddling with boot order n stuff in the bios, my screen filled with like messed up looking question marks.. so i rebooted, and my splash screen looks all fucked up, when i load up windows installation, i can see what modules are loading n stuff but the rest of the screen that's unused is covered with a bunch of unused character.. everythings disoriented now. i decided to go to sleep and let it cool off, hoping that that would work, but it hasn't it's just as bad as before...

my question is, would this be my 7950gx2 and why would this just start 10 minutes after everything is up and running?

i reseated the video card and am using the blue pci x vid slot like the motherboard manual suggested.. i'm at my wits end here, i'm hoping i don't have to rma shit and wait another week.

thanks for the help
August 16, 2006 4:02:15 PM

oops.. sorry i didn't realize this was created in the cpu folder, i'll recreate it in the video card section.