I have a two year old CDRW that has suddenly decided to malfunction. It will still insert and eject CD-ROMs and DVD's as normal and the "D" Drive still shows up on "My Computer". When I place anything in the tray though it will not read it. The green light flashes on and off a few times when I place a disc in the tray , although not as much as it used to.
I have updated the driver and uninstalled it and re-installed it with no luck. I have had a quick look inside the case and there are no obvious loose leads or connections. Can anyone suggest anything practical to try other than buying a new one?. Thank you in advance for your help
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  1. no, my bro had his lite on dvd burner do the same thing and it was only 1 year old so I just got him a 40 replacement one it works fine
  2. Probably just died. It happens. CD driver are fairly cheaply built these days and are rather disposible. Try it in another machine and just replace it. Probably time to get a DVD reader anyway just to be future safe, and a dual layer DVD writer can be purchased for under $40.
  3. Pain is right, optical drives are getting really cheap these days.... test the liteon in another computer. If it doesn't work there either, throw it out and get an NEC ND-3550A
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