Is more than 2GB of memory too much?

I am trying to justify the need for anything over 2GB of memory. I am an big gamer, but not much else. I currently have 2GB in my current build, but I am starting to build my next gaming rig, and I am worndering if more than 2GB will be neccesary. Thanks for the help :)
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  1. 2gb of memory isnt to Much :wink:
  2. id just wait until Vista is out and slap some more in there... right now WinXp doesnt do so well with anything over 2GB
  3. Is it too much? Doubt it...

    You just have to figure out if over 2GB's is worth it, that I think is the better the question.
  4. For now, yes. When Vista comes out and you get the 64-bit version (and you know you will) then no, go for 4 GB (that's what I'm gonna do).
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