Optimum motherboard for a CAD workstation?

hi - i've been getting overwhelmed looking at various graphics card, CPU and motherboard combinations and I desperately need some expert input!

I want to build a dedicated CAD workstation to run Autodesk Inventor, nothing else. I'm having difficulty with is the graphics. Do I really need a £700+ OpenGL card or can I get away with a lower price card?

My initial search led me to Intel Xeon 5080 with an Intel or Tyan motherboard running Intel's 5000X chipset.

Now I'm confussed - is Intel's Core2 a better CPU for this app?

Also, is there an equivalent AMD CPU/motherboard combo which is as good or better than Intels?

Remember this workstation is dedicated to a single app - CAD!!!

I would really welcome your ideas on ideal specs for such a system so I can go away and research some more with better knowledge.

Thanks guys
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  1. I am using an ATI FireGL card and have no complaints. They have certfied drivers and 3 year support for the card and drivers included in the cost. Check out ati.com>workstaion products. You could spend $300 to $1100 on the card depending on your needs (file size, rendering needs)

    go Zeon if you want, but I love my intel 975XBX with an intel P940 ( C2D is the only other option and wil be my upgrade)
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