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Having a locked 3200, i was able to get it to go to 2.45 at 1.8vcore stable at about 41c idle and 50c full load. Has anyone had any better success at raising the bar even higher on this cpu, even with it being locked?
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  1. Hi mate,

    Can you not get one of those speed-strip things still (??) to allow you to unlock the Barton XP multiplier??

    Got one for my flat mates PC (Athlon XP 2500+ I think) but the heatsink practically falls off (first gen heat-pipe heatsink - so hanging on by a thread :-) ) when the tower is vertical so no overclocking there!! As a testiment to the Athlon XP the PC still works a couple of years later without a hitch!! Would have been sweet what with the 74Gb Raptor, DFI Lanparty MB and 1Gbyte of dual-channel Geil PC3200 CAS2.5 value ram... Ah well... One day perhaps!!

    Bob Wya
  2. my Barton 2500+ hits 2.25/333 tops thanks to gigashites limited overvolting options :oops:
  3. I am driving mine at 2.4GHz stable (11.5x209MHz)
    I unlocked it using the mobile multipliers and then using setFSB and CPUMSR for the multipliers. Then setting the power settings from Universal Brain to enabled (so CPU uses less power when idle) and its sweet! All that at 1.8V core on an Albatron KX600S Pro

    So your is fine. Only the mobile versions could hit 2.6GHz max, as far as i have seen.

    Heatisink is a Thermaltake POLO 735 at 2200RPM
    temps 52C load @ 38C amb
    and 42C idle @ 36C
  4. so i guess 2.45 to 2.5 is the best i can get on this chip? Ah well. Some performance gain is better than none i suppose. Another question, if during computer use i get a bsod, what is that a typical symptom of? I know it's do to the overclocking, and the temps are fine, and lowering the fsb a little stopped it from happening, but is there something i could do to prevent that from happening? Bascially it's running at 220 fsb with 11x multiplyer at 1.8 volts. After upping the fsb by two it gives me the bsod. Should i up the vcore some? Or is it a ram thing? or what... Obviously i'm relatively new to this, and thanks so far for all your input.
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