Hows this new AM2 build look?

EPoX EP-MF570 SLI- 139.00
eVGA 7600GT- 157.00-20.00=137.00
Antec SmartPower 500W-69.99
AMD 3200-85.00
OCZ Platinum Revision 2 2GB (2 x 1GB)-227.99
250GB HDD-77.00-10.00=67.99
BenQ 16X DVD±R DVD-27.25
Case, Keyboard, AS5, Windows-171.87


This is a budget build and I will buy a new Duel Core 65nm processor when they come out and a new DX10 Video card when they come out. I think the memory is a great deal for some overclocking memory and Epox has good overclocking boards. So I plan to overclock the crap out of this cheap processor while I have it. So tell me how I did.
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  1. Skip getting 2 GB of ram and only get 1 GB. With the money saved, get a X2 processor. A dual core CPU will benefit you more than 2 GB of RAM.

    I'd get the A64 X2 4200+ AM2 and then eventually buy the Zalman heatsink mentioned in the 1st article to OC it.

    If you don't want to overclock, then just save the extra bucks and get a 3800+.
  2. Required Changes:

    RAM: G.Skill 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR2-800: OCZ DDR2 ram has issues with the AM2 platform.

    Suggested Changes:

    Motherboard: Asus M2N-E <--- SLI is a waste of money unless you are going to be gaming at resolutions over 1600 x 1200. There is also no benefit to SLI'ing 2 7600GT's. You only get a worthwhile performance boost when there are 2 7900GT's or higher involved.
  3. purdueguy is actually wrong, if you're gaming then 2GB RAM will benefit you more than a dual core CPU. The AMD Dual-Core CPU's really are dissapointing in most games.

    for instance, my San Diego 3700+ will beat all the dual-core AMD CPU's upto 4400+ at stock.

    Considering I run it overclocked to FX-55 speeds then it will actually pummel even the X2-4600 into the floor in Far Cry, for instance.

    So, in short - if you want to overclock, get a

    San Diego 3700+ ($99 from newegg)

    2x1GB OCZ Platinum ($197 after rebate)

    and a A8N-32 SLI ($167)

    Overclock the 3700+ to 2.7ghz (FX-55), and this will last you until you decide to go for Conroe (or indeed, AMD have something to rival it, which will probably need a new socket by then anyway). If you get a good one and have a good cooler then with some extra voltage you could probably hit FX-57 (2.8ghz) with ease.

    Simply put - the above system with a tasty overclock is a similar outlay to the one you suggested (save on the RAM, a little more on the CPU/MB) but would DEMOLISH it in games. In fact, you would get higher FPS than most current high-end AM2 setups with the same graphics card.

    You just want to make sure you buy a good CPU cooler (dont forget Arctic Silver 5) to handle the overclock. It also takes a fair amount of tinkering to sustain it (you will need to increase the CPU voltage and change the RAM frequency to accomodate for the raised FSB).

    PS. Yes, the 7600GT will be a bottleneck. Consider saving for a 7900GT or X1900XT which would be more on par with this system.
  4. I agree with you that more ram is better than getting a dual core cpu but why in the world would you suggest getting it in socket 939?

    And why the SLI motherboard?

    To the OP, I agree with prophecy, change the ram to something other than OCZ, Mushkin has some cheap priced DDR2 ram.

    Get a non SLI motherboard and use the money to upgrade the cpu to a 3700.
  5. First of all, I meant to send this link for benchmarkds with the OC'd 4200+:

    Unfortunately, they don't say how much RAM they use.

    Another thing, did I specifically say games? No. If you're going to multitask, having the dual core is better than the single core.

    Even if I did, take a look at the following:

    The benchmarks actually show where 2x512 MB sticks of RAM beating 2x1024 MB of RAM.

    Now, the following article does use 2 x 1 GB worth of memory and states: "1GB is sufficient, but Oblivion appears to do a good job of making use of additional memory; load times and area transitions are noticeably quicker with 2GB of RAM. " So the question is how many other games out there make use of the additional memory?

    In this benchmark, the 4200 X2 beats a single core 3800. So how does DaveUK have a 3700+ beating all dual-core AMD's up to 4400+? Now oc'ing the 3700+ that would be the case. But since I mentioned the 4200+ could be overclocked to 3.0 GHz, the single core 3700+ will not match it.

    Get the X2 4200+ AM2 as it's easy just to buy more memory and pop it in if you decide you want 2 GB.
  6. Btw, the article I mentioned has the X2 4400+ beating the FX-57.

    Isn't a FX-55 slower than a FX-57?
  7. Considering that you specifically say that the CPU is temporary and waiting to be replaced with a 65nm X2, I'd say the CPU will do until then. If you want to have the option open for SLI, the Asus M2N-SLI is also a good board. If not the A2N-E is fine, but you may have difficulties finding 800 MHz DDR2 for it as that boards max DDR2 voltage is 1.95V, while most 800MHz sticks are above 2V.

    The OCZ memory is good memory, but has been known to have issues with AM2. Corsair or Kingston is in this case a safer choice.
  8. It,s not just AMD dual core it al dual cores in general. But more and more games are coming out that do benefit dual core.
  9. Yes the FX55 is slower it,s clocked at 2.6 and the FX57 @ 2,8
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